Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at MY house!!

Hi everyone! See those presents....they aren't for me or Pilar. I tried to get under the tree to see if I could fit. But all I did was end up breaking Ally's ornament...her favorite kitty one. No Santa didn't bring me everything I wanted. I guess that is ok. I did however get a plate of all is forgiven!!
Pilar was put out by the whole darn Christmas thing. She would not let anyone take her picture! She would run and hide. Mommy was getting rather upset about the whole thing. But....she too got a plate of food. Just not as much as ME!!!

Do you see that smile on my mommy's face??? Guess what she got for Christmas??? Yep a camera!!! Everyone finally got tired of listening to her cry and whine about not having one so they pulled their pennies together and got her one!! She chased us all around the house yesterday playing with it. She took over 200 pictures!!! Daddy just shook his head at her and said "we created a monster...hide!!!" Daddy used some kind of delete button on a lot of them which made mommy unhappy. She said each one was a work of art!!! *whatever mom*
Well this is Willow signing out and saying Happy Holidays! Enjoy your food and gifts! Please...avoid human chocolate but eat lots of pie!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Ok I say "ENOUGH ALREADY" my mom needs to get over it!!! So life isn't fair and the snow sucks and we are stuck in Michigan for the holidays! Big deal......they have ME!!! Oh yeah and Pilar.
So the plan is...this: I wake her ever morning until I drive her crazy. I did get her to send out some cards....but darn her not all. Some more will be going out and I DID bite her just to let you all know. Ok so I have been nipping a little at everyone but hey if it gets them moving then it is ok.
Our update:
1. Pilar has lost weight. I guess this a big deal. Pilar is just mad she isn't getting extra snacks.
2. My kids and daddy are home all the time now due to some break. I sure hope they don't get into trouble for breaking something.
3. My mom says she has been doing a lot of retail therapy since her friend got back from Australia and hopes dad doesn't much.
4. It's been snowing.....a lot.
5. I LOVE THE SNOW!!! I get a rub down and blown dry after a good play date with my kids in the snow!!!
6. Nope the kitchen is not done but it is live able mom says.
7. I am getting Pilar's extra eatables. hahahahaha oh sorry that was rude.

Well that is all I have to report from the compound right now. Lots of licks to all of you. Try to stay warm if you are in the cold and dry if you are in the snow!
Big Smooches,
pee ess, Hello to all my new friends and followers. Thanks to all my friends for hanging with my mommy!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Ok.....I had to do a little get the card situation under paw. Don't worry it is all going well. Mom is filling out cards everyday. Now if I can just get her car and her to the post office you all may get them by the holidays.
WE GOT CARDS!!! I was so excited to see so many of my paw pals!!! Mom is on strike for everyone else but me and Pilar so she put up our cards!!!! Thanks everyone!
Big Smooches,

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just Tryin' to help!!!!!

Hey you recognize my pink hat? I put it there so my daddy could find the stuff to the kitchen. It must have done the trick because he found it! He worked real hard and got it done. I would like to think it was all because of ME.
I thought I would also lay on top of some of the kitchen parts just so he wouldn't forget them either. All of this was in the basement so I knew he would come looking for me sooner than later!! lol
Now my daddy isn't a ONE project kind of guy so he had a few going at a time!!!! He was also painting my sisters room as well. {mommy was NOT liking this at all} Mommy always says "one thing at a time!!!" So I parked myself in the middle of that project too. No not one drop of paint on my beautiful black fur or paws!!!!

Well this is Willow signing out for now! Letting you all know mommy is doing a little better. Stay very close to your pawrents during projects so you don't become one!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am being sneaky!

Hi everyone! I know my mommy still isn't up for chatting but we just wanted to let you all know I at least am doing GGRRRREEEAAAT! I was not to happy about the new beds situation that my kids did. Ok seriously I was down right MAD!!!! But I am trying to help mommy build that bridge and get over it! What ever that means. So now I sleep with my boy instead of my girl and Pilar sleeps with mommy and daddy!
We are still remodeling! At least the kitchen is usable and I can get to my snackables now. The only bad thing....or should I say good is the trash can is out in the open now!!!! Yeah you all know what that means! Ok so I have partaken in a little of this and a little of that. No big deal. Then I struck gold. This is how it went:
I was snooping around the kitchen when I saw laying...laying on top of the trash a stuffie. Nope it wasn't mine, however I did get concerned that there was a perfectly fine stuffie in the trash. So I took it out and laid it on the floor next to the can. A little later it was in there AGAIN!!! Silly hoomans. I had to take it out again, but this time I took it into the living room. Yep you guessed it my friends when I went to go get a drink guess what I saw THE STUFFIE IN THE TRASH AGAIN. So I hid it this my toy box. The hoomans just kept asking each other "who is taking it out" and mom said "don't be dumb's Willow she thinks it is hers." Turned out it was my boys and now it is mine, safely hidden in my toy box. Now....I wonder if they will find the clippers... ha ha ha.
Giving moms lots of hugs and love,

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hello....please forgive

Greetings everyone and big sloppy smooches! Ok my mommy has just been way down in the dumps of late. Her life has been crazy lately and spinning way out there so she is taking a major break from life. No don't be silly not from me or Pilar or Ally or Ty....just from the computer, TV, phone, the great
In the picture below is Traci.....she is moms best friend who moved to Australia. She is having fun hangin' with the roo in Adelaide! We are on a count down right now. She will be home for Christmas with her kids and we can't wait. This should make mommy really really happy!!!! She misses her really really bad. I even tried giving my mom the pink pig to make her feel better....but it didn't.

Now for some good news. They fixed our favorite McDonalds! We are all so happy. We can now get our morning coffee and treat after dropping off the human kids.!!!! Now this makes mom smile!!! Now for the bad news....the kitchen is still broken and it is making mom very nervous. she said and I quote "I just want my house back...sob sob sob" Ok so half of it is done now we have to bust out the wall. We think we will send mommy to grandma's when that happens. Trust will be much easier on all of us if we do that!!! teehee

My mommy loves this picture. We don't know why but she does. So daddy is going to get it for her. He just wants her to stop crying and get out of bed I think so he will do any thing at this point. Our Friend Teresa said she will come back in the spring and try to get some better ones of me and my kids in the spring. Daddy wants color pictures. We are going to do a wall of just us in black and whites on our addition. Teresa got some really good pictures that my mommy can't live without. Mommy really liked Miss Teresa and when she finishes school she wants to spend time with her and her camera!!!
Please forgive our absence. We are going to try real hard to get back up and chatting and catching up. We still want to be a part of the Christmas card exchange. We love all of you and miss you all. Big smooches, Willow

Friday, October 24, 2008


No thanks to mommy that is. Can you believe she has been away for so long? Well I can't and it just isn't right. My house is still broken and she will add pictures of that on the weekend. She got a few of me in trying to help in Allyson's room but on got the boot. It would have gone faster had they let me paint!
Grandpa left. :(( He was a great buddy. Everyone here likes to sleep in but not him. We were both up early, drinking coffee and rocking on the porch swing. Ok ok he did get mad at me one day for drinking all his coffee. But hey he put in on the ground. What else was I supposed to do? I love the java!!! Ok he panicked a little too wondering how mommy would react being that I am the baby and all.
As most of you know we got our photo session pictures in. There may be more but these are the free ones we get to choose from. Two of them are on this page. Mom will slowly put the others on the site. Actually the one with mom and me isn't one she liked but dad insisted. :(( moms frown not mine.
We hope you are all doing well. I am just happy mommy didn't fly out to New Mexico to help with the baby dales like she was going to. But my sister is sick so she had to stay put! Maybe in a month! They are adorable.
signing out from the Compound for today....Willow

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photo Session is done!`
Hi everypaw! above is the link to my photo session! I hope you like the pictures.

Sorry we are MIA but grandpa is here.`

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday...

Hi everyone it is me Melitta now I know it has been some time since you have all heard from me so I thought I better report in. Mom found some adventures of me locked away in my sisters cell phone that she didn't even know were there!! So she uploaded the pictures and here is one weeks worth. Oh trust me she just put a few up from this adventure. Ally, Ty, Willow and I had a great time checking out the garden and romping through the yard. Those kids are crazy.....and that Willow....I just don't know what to say about her. Well I can say this: SHE DIDN'T TRY TO MURDER ME LIKE HER MOMMY DID TO PIERE AND PACO!!! So my Willow rocks! Let me walk you through our adventure!!

Here I am on what they call "The Great Pumpkin" and I am queen of the world!!! It may look little here but it did get big!!!
Poor Willow had to stay on the other side of the fence because the "folks" were not out there with us. But I am on a watermelon. Do you see her whispering in my ear? She was telling me to get it closer to the fence so she could grab it a run off with it for "us"! Some how I didn't think the "us" really meant ME.
Ok I am in a jungle of green here! This stuff is call swiss chard? My humans love this stuff. Ty says it is the best stuff in the world! Nana taught my mommy how to make it a long time ago. Mom make bunches and bunches of it then froze it for winter time. *ignore the weeds*

This is the best part my friends!!! This is how we got to and from the garden!!! Yes this is where I got to ride so I could see the WORLD from our back yard! When daddy is home we use the big tractor but when it is just the kids this is "their" tractor. Aren't they inventive. They didn't harvest much that day because they were tooo busy showing me around.

Thanks for grooving with me today my friends. Next week we will go the broken McDonalds where mom is yet again having a fit about all the broken stuff around her. Boy does she need some chill pills.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lions and Tigers and FLEAS

Fleas....this girl has fleas!!! Mommy is not happy with this situation at all!!! You see I don't have them....hmmmmm. Mommy was holding Pilar the other night and saw IT!!! She freaked, she hates those things. We have never had those things b4. Grrrrr When mommy worked at the vet she saw people come in all the time asking for "help" with fleas and would feel so bad for them. We got our medicine for those did this happen. Mommy says it was because Pilar was out gallivanting across the street with the flea and tick ridden neighbor dog. *That is why she can't be trust....that running off thing*
So mommy is going to dunk her and the house and clip her. Oh no wait....she can't find the clippers....tee hee....we think daddy threw them away on accident. hahahahahaha So I guess that means off to the groomers she goes. HAHAHAHAHAHA Wait.......does that mean I have to go to??? Mommy...........
I gonna go help find those clippers!!

Mommy here, just wanted to say thank you to everyone for coming by and checking on us! We are still so sad about Miz Greta. The puppies are doing fine and Pepper is being a great "mommy" to them. We appreciate each and everyone of you!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sad news at Apache's Tribe


This is a picture of Gretta with my kids. Taken at my uncle's house a few years ago.
Today we come to our blog with a very very heavy heart. Most of you are familiar with Apache's tribe.....most of you are familiar with Gretta. Gretta just had 12 beautiful puppies. After the puppies were born she became ill. Oh everything was done to save Miz Gretta....but she passed over to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. Leaving behind 12 babies, one devastated mommy, a blown away sister and a house full of sad Dales.
I know my Aunt Gretta is being greeted by my Sadie, Asta Miles, Marcie Girl and so many others that went before her in our family. But this still hurts the same. You will be missed Miz Gretta Gucci....may you rest in peace our sweet one!

We love you,

Willow, Pilar,Teak,Maiz,the Lizards and our hoomans whose eyes are leaking without stop!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My House is getting BROKEN!!

Hi pals!!! I am beginning to understand how Mango and PeeWee felt when their howse was broken and being put back together. My pawrents are breaking my kitchen!!!! I want to help but they just won't let me. I keep getting sent to my kennel, my yard or to mommy's room. Rumor has they are going to break the wall down next. I wonder if they will let me help then!!!! Mommy is a nervous wreck. I begged daddy to let me take her place! No pictures yet....just something called stress.
So now for my can go to Teresa's blog and see more pictures of me. Mommy says I am even smiling in one. In one of the pictures I actually stole the blahball from my boy and took off. Nah he never caught me!!!
So here it is I hope you all like them. If you can't make it there let mom know.

Big smooches,
Mom says she promises to catch up with everyone! So sorry she is being neglectful. Bad mom.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photo Shoot

Hi everyone! I am back. Yep I have been gone for a few days. We have been kind of busy. My kids tend to keep us very busy with school, festivals, blahball games, homework......oh that list goes on. So I asked mom.....when is it just going to be about ME!!!!
Well......on Sunday I had a photo shoot. This really cool lady who lives in Michigan named Teresa came to my house. She took a bajillion pictures of ME!!! (ok those kids snuck in a few of them too darn it....oh and lets not forget about Miz Pilar!!) I got to run and play and frolic and just about do whatever I wanted just so she could get the right picture!!! Do you see that picture above? That is one of them!!! My mommy loves black and whites so she did this one for my mommy. Teresa takes boootiful pictures of black doggies in black and whites (well in color too).
I got a little cranky and didn't want to mommy made me take a time out. Can you believe it??? So during my time-out....a much needed one according to mommy, the hoomans talked!!!
Teresa shared with mommy that she works with a rescue group here in Michigan. This rescue group takes the doggies that nobody would rescue, yep that is right the ones headed for the bridge before their time!!!! Cool isn't it! These pups do get forever homes too!!!
Then mommy got to educate Teresa (my new pal with good treats) on the Airedale breed and all their colors. Not to mention when she came in the house I went right over and sat on her lap. I just thought she was there for me to use as a chair. Another hooman......another lap...chair...whatever!!!
So this is just one of the many pictures. We call it the teaser picture!!! teehee Miz Teresa is a very busy too. We should be able to see the pictures in a few weeks when the bajillion of them are done! We will also put something up on our sidebar so you can go to her bloggy and see me and all the other doggies!!! We have a feeling that once grandma sees a few of the pictures of me and my kids......well ya know....she will be buying a few!!!! It is just because we are all so darn cute!!!! (love ya g-ma)
Well this is Willow signing out for today from the Compound. Advising you all that if someone says......can I take your picture. You just might want to say yes. You will make a new friend and have fun......not to mention all the treats you will get!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

WOO HOO......I WIN!!!!

I am sure you have all done this before!! Ignored that box when they call our name!!! Yeah you know what I am talkin' about!

Well I have been doing some thinking.....and you are all right. That crappy thing in my kennel has got to go!!! And I mean NOW!!! Ok I am sitting in the middle of my kennel, toy box and toys. I want no part of any of them. Even my piggy and pink duck (which is dying by the way, my sister taped it). I went on strike!!!!

What kind of strike???? First I did the silent pout strike......didn't work. So then I did the PIGGY STRIKE!!!!! teehee lol hahaha Those of you who don't have piggies may not understand....but......those of you WITH piggies understand what I am talking about!!!! Daddy says they sound like a bad deer call. So this is how it went.....they would talk I would honk my piggy.....they would put it up.....i would get it and yep.....honk my piggy......they would stop talking I would stop honking.....they talk.....I honk hid it.....i found it.....started honking her in the middle of the night!!!! I would hide her under my blankie and when put in the kennel I WOULD HONK HER!!!
Wait wait is this a strike or a protest???? Hmmmm!!! Anyway I am getting a new pillow. A REAL pillow for my kennel. Pilar loves that crappy one of mine so mom says she can have it. I say good riddance!!
A big big thank you to all my supporters who helped me with this!!! I am still on the couch and in the beds.....since they belong to me. Another note of good news. They are thinking of getting the girl a bigger bed because she just isn't fitting in it anymore. Something about she is a bed hog....I don't know......

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Bed

This is that stupid thingy (bed/pad) my mommy bought for me. Isn't it pathetic??? It does have blankie in it which does bring me comfort. Note there is a cow hoof that is fun to chew on. But I miss my big black pillow. I could lay on that and blend in with it and they couldn't find me at times. tee hee. It was HER fault I chewed it up!!
Do you all see her teasing me? She wants me to look at her and pose!!! How dare she do this to me? First the neglect....then the pillow....then this stupid pad thingy and now she is teasing me with this bone. Enough already. Daddy..........
Aaahhhhh now this is more like it. This is really my bed. This is their couch but one of my favorite beds. Notice that I have a big comfy pillow to lay on.....not to mention how comfy that couch is!!!!!! hahahaha My other favorite beds are.......well their beds!!!!! Making my point brings me sooooo much happiness. Have a good day friends.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

MY yard!!!

This is my daddy. He is mowing my lawn!!! I know you are all thinking to yourselves....Willow we all have yards/lawns/spots/spaces etc. Well this really is different this is MY LAWN. Granted I do have to share it with Pilar. She at times is just toooo stupid to understand it, but it is "ours" to share. The silly cats come by once in awhile...the prefer the great beyond.
He does do a good job going in and out of those trees. He really makes sure that he doesn't kill any of my toys or balls. Yep that is what he is looking for!! Goooood daddy!!!
He is just getting started, he has a ways to go. I am running around encouraging him! Woof Woof Daddy!!!
Here I am jumping through the air with glee because he just mowed my favorite spot!!!! Thanks daddy. You are the greatest!!!

This......well is the dreaded gate to come in and out of my yard with that beast cutter. I don't go near it. I heard it eats doggies so I stay far away from it. Unless mommy is with me because they don't eat mommies. you see all that grass.....passed the rocks and deck? This is "their" yard that we all share. Yep I get to run in that too. But only when fence. Pilar can NEVER be left on her own out there. She runs away.....shhhhh that is a secret..

Well here I am just checking to make sure that daddy did his job right. So far it looks like he did. If he missed something than it means sister will have to fix it tomorrow. (Mommy is allergic to grass so she doesn't mow)

Well this is Willow signing out for tonight. We at the Compound hope you all had a good weekend. Chat with you soon.....we hope.....we are moving on to MANIC MONDAY!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Manic Monday

Hi everyone! It is manic Monday around here! Our weekend was crazy so that usually makes our Mondays "manic"!!! Mom decided NOT to fix my sploded pillow! It had been repaired to many times. The garbage man took it away today! :(( She bought some tan pad thingy for my kennel and I hate it. I keep pulling it out and she keeps putting it back in. Wonder if she will ever get the hint!! My bloggy is not much today. No pictures or anything. She neglected ours to spruce up Apache's tribes Bloggy. Go take a look! See ya tomorrow. We think.

Friday, September 12, 2008

More trouble brewin'...

Well daddy's in the dog howse!!! He managed to get himself into a lot of trouble last night. Ok let me explain.......simple.......2 kids......1 Willow!!!! I can only sleep with one kid at a time. Neither want to sleep with Pilar because.....well.....she SNORES!!! So the question of another puppy was brought up again. Daddy said sure how about a YmerRYner. Now I am not to sure what those are but by the looks on everyone's face I wasn't sure if that was good or bad. Now I am a smart Dale but I just wasn't getting their looks. Then "she" was scary....kind of!!!

This is one of those "Y" dogs my daddy was talking about. He loves these kinds of doggies. They are beautiful mommy says. However they are not as beautiful as baby Willow....that came right from my mommy.....promise she said that. Oh wait I am getting off track here.....back to the subject at hand.
"I think we are ALL forgetting who takes care of these kids here!" Then my sister said "what the crap.....are you kidding me.....not an Airedale....noway!!" My boy said "I am out of here dad you are on your own with this one. But let it be known I want a Red." Friends......HE HAD THE NERVE TO SAY THAT WITH ME IN HIS LAP!!! Where is the loyalty, where is the love.....I am not feeling it are you????

I know you all recognize this picture from above. This is loyalty.....this is love.....this is......ME......Willow.......the Black Airedale who kills stuffies and pillows when ignored. Me Willow who chases birds, butterflies and woodchucks. Me Willow.....the one you trip over in the middle of the night because you can't see me because I am so dark. Me.....Willow.....DADDY.....who loves and adores you. *Sigh......wimper......sigh* Mommy told me not to worry. But friends do you see my plight. I give love, smooches, hugs, warmth and loyalty. And HE wants to bring in one of those "Y" doggies. I was just getting used to the idea of another Dale. One that is just like me. Mommy doesn't like seriously she doesn't. She is a creature of habit.
And the big secret is....Black Airedales are a little calmer than Black/Tan Airedales and the REDS are even calmer. So Ty and mommy want a RED Dale next. Stay tuned for the puppy saga of 2008. This just may go into 2009. That daddy can be stubborn but mommy can be even more stubborn. Teehee. I heard that it took them almost a year just to pick out a couch!!! Grandma thinks my pawrents are a little kooky. My kids and I would have to agree with her.
This is Willow the BLACK dale signing out asking you all to keep those paws crossed that I get a RED dale sister!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


This is what happens when I get ignored! Enough already with this NCIS stuff. It is an all day marathon on USA today.
First this NCIS stuff then she messes up our bloggy. Enough already. The house will come down, stuffies will be destroyed and food bowls will be tossed until this ends!!!!

Hmmmm what's next????
This is Willow signing out out for today. Keep your paws crossed I don't get locked up for bad behavior!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Blog

Please forgive my mom!!! She was trying to play with our blog and messed it up. It is under construction. She is very mad at herself right now because she lost every one's blog address. Please leave her a message to encourage her so she doesn't run away to an imaginary place called "Stars Hollow" or "Las Vegas"(oh wait that place is does exist) or.....or.....or NEW MEXICO. Oh bother.....she usually goes to New Mexico when stressed. I have to get dad to work on this blog first thing in the morning we can't have her running off again!!!!
Gotta run I see dad.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Mommy has decided to just follow Flash and Peanut's mommy's lead. She is going to neglect everything, and I guess that means ME.......oh yeah and everyone else......
She has started watching NCIS. She is only on season 2!!! Ohhhh *dramatic sigh* This is her favorite show! She told me that Eureka is next. Will the torture never end!!!!!
Do you all think this is because of my recent behavior? Will someone please talk some sense into her? She is forgetting life is all about ME!!!! Well I am off to pout. I already sploded one stuffy during one episode so I am going to find another one for her next one! teehee.....hahahaha.....serves her right!!!!! Besides it wasn't MY stuffie, it was my girls and she should have known all agree with me right???? RIGHT????
oH boThEr!!
Willow signing out for today. I say let the pouting begin!! Oh those 2 funny looking people in this picture are mommy's favorite charatcers from the show. paaah

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok.....I'm Back!!!

Wow is all I can say. Those kids are brave. The girl hasn't brought us any drama.....yet, but it is only the 2nd day!!! The boy, well he didn't even let mom walk him in. He just jumped out of the car and said "see ya after school mom!" The seriously he is.....he stinks.....especially after blahball....oh but I think I am digressing.

Pilar and I got to go bye-bye this morning for the school run. We went and got gas and that is where it began. Mom says it is never boring with me around. Talk about the drama, she just doesn't get me. It wasn't my fault I promise:
See Ty was eating a yummy pop-tart. He wasn't sharing and I had to get in his personal space to get some. In doing so I spilled Ally's drink from the day before all over Ty and his seat. (Poor Ally is gonna get it for leaving it in the car) So MOM being the hero that she is (you like that mom is this helping my cause?) jumped in the car and started cleaning Ty and the mess. It is not my fault Ty didn't want to go home and change, besides he wasn't that wet. Next we are in the drop-off line at the school. Mom's friend tells her that her gas cap is off!!! NOOOOO she is horrified. So the line isn't moving yet and she jumps out to close it (she almost went in her pj's....teehee) and OUT I jump then Pilar. hahahahaha Nope I wouldn't come back and Pilar followed. Moms friends were rolling down their windows harassing her. Now for MY bad news. Mommy said to me "Willow it looks like you and I have to go to school. You just don't mind me when we are out and we need some training." OH NO!!! Beasely help!!!
I hope the school year goes better than our 2nd day. Mom says between blahball and the morning drop-off I am 0 for 2. I don't know what that means but I think it is bad. All I know is that I didn't get a treat when I got home. Now that was bad!!!! We sure hope everyone is doing good. We can't wait to read up on what everyone has been doing while we were gone. A week really is a long time to be away from friends. Now we have to run and catch up with all of you. See you soon.

This is Willow signing out from the Compound warning all of you NOT to jump out of cars unless told to do so!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thinking Thursday

I See that it has been a week since my last post. It has been a life time since we last spoke. Seriously. My hoomans are neglecting grandma help!!! Auntie Deb, Auntie Amy I need help! Can you believe it has been a week?

Ok so I have been thinking. Things have been crazy around my house. It is August. Does anyone know what that means? AUGUST = CRAZY HOOMANS!!! Yes doctors appointments, dentists, eye doctors, hair cuts, new shoes coming into the house (tasty), the clothes....oh the clothes!!! Let's not forget about the crazy hours they keep. What is going ON??? Just when I think it is time to play they are off running to that "blahBALL"!

I finally heard my mom say to my boy and girl "you better get used to getting starts next week!" Holy week! Why didn't anyone tell me!!! Finally after months of sharing mommy we finally get her all to ourselves! Woohoo! Let the lovin' begin. Those of you with pups at your house know what I am talking about!!

This is some major bonding/snuggling time with my guys! This is what I am talking about. This is my life, just the way I like it. Just another week and my life will be back to this. Whatever normal you think my mom will relax then? Nah I didn't think so either.

Well I am out of here. Off to dream of better days gone by when the loving was non-stop. Smooches to you all. Forgive us if we haven't made it to your blog. Also forgive us if we don't blog until Tuesday. We love you all.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The "Rant" is on!!!

So much to report about that my Dale mind just doesn't even know where to begin. Mommy always says it is best to start at the I guess I could give it a try......each drama/tail will be in a different color of course!!!

HHHmmmm Where to begin...................................

Oh my friends I never did tell you all about "Blahball" practise the other night. Mommy braved it and took me!! Woohoo. Do I hear all my pals on DWB cheering me on!!! It started out so wonderful. I was a good girl.....sat by my mommy......chewed my hoof.....drank my water.......enjoyed my pats........slurped my boy. Yes it was good. Until.....3 little boys came running by....FAST. Now I am a shy girl when we are out. I didn't realize that mommy had to go talk to some crazy man (the coach) about Ty. When I looked up she was G-O-N-E!!! The panic set in and I took off. Just forget the fact that I was sitting with people that were pawsome and they loved me. NO I wanted mommy. I took off like a crazy doggy with a lime green chair attached to me and ran across the field looking for my mommy. Took that crazy woman 2 times of me going around in chasing me and even my pup Ty getting me before she said "dear LORD ppplllleeeeaasssee tell me that isn't WILLOW!!!!" A smartty pants kid said to her this is God and yes that is your dog running crazy out there.....get her NOW!!! I am now banned from Blahball unless daddy takes me. BooHissss

I must move on to the next subject. I want to know and be honest with me. Do I look like a Poodle? Seriously. I love poodles of all sizes! The 4Lads are some of my favorite guys. But I don't think I look the the Poodles that live in that gang. I know you are asking yourselves why am I bringing this up. WELL........I GOT CALLED A POODLE AGAIN!!!! sigh....sigh... No offence to poodles. But really, I am an Airedale. Just I happen to be Black. sob sob

It is Friday night. I hear some of our DWB guys are going to Vegas. Some are going on dates. Some are going to games. Some are protecting the borders of the world and our Wheelies! Even some of our Paw friends are home right now helping heal broken hearts. Kuddos!!!

Now I do believe it is time for us ladies to get our wheelies and have a Tea Party! Oh yes I mean hats, gloves, costumes (optional), mommas and of course TEA. What do you think?

Well everyone these darn thoughts just won't stop coming. Mommy says I should just go get in bed with daddy and sleep these thoughts away. She said I could be back to normal in the morning. there such a thing?

Well this is mellow Willow signing out from the compound today. Keep your head held hi and let your eyes sparkle to all.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


It has come to my attention that my mommy Apache has not released Wheely Paco yet. He is still in Critical condition in Deming, New Mexico. Paco has NOT been AIRE-lifted to Airedale Heaven Hospital yet like we all thought. This is a travesty!!! Our Wheelies may try to take over at times but we must support them anyway!! I love my Malitta, when she is on her shelf!!! (oops)

Now I know my mommy Apache is tough but come on this can't happen any longer. MELITTA and I are calling for a release of Paco. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! We ask that you would all visit Apaches Tribe blog and demand PACO'S release!!! Now I warn all of you my mommy Apache can be VERY stubborn so she may need some convincing. However, I am sure we can all convince her it is the best thing for Paco. Here is the blog address. Beasely's mommy still hasn't been able to help my mommy with the short cut thing so sorry about the long-cut

I am going to thank all of you in advance for you help in the release of Paco. Penny, Poppy & Patchs are awaiting his arrival to help get him better. They are great nurses but can't put their skills to work until poor poor Paco gets there!!!!

This is Willow signing out from the compound today, warning all of you Wheelies to "watch" your wheels. Big Nose-Pokes

Monday, August 18, 2008

Get ready for this!!!

Ok you all asked for a picture of Pilar naked. I also noticed that it was a few of our boy doggie friends that enquired about this the most. I thought I would consult mommy on this matter but I thought better of it and decided to do the deed anyway.. hahahahahahha.

This is a picture of us after we got our gift from Faya. We are trying on our bandannas. Pilar is so hairy that hers barley fits. Notice those ears. They are terrible!!!

Picture 1
She is very fluffy and hairy here. Just look at those paws! Yuck!!!

Picture 2

She is pouting in this picture and won't hold her head up for us at all. Sheeesh what a baby. I get this done all the time and I don't act like this. If you look closely you can see all the hair is gone. She has been scalped.

Picture 3

She has had enough of me, Willow, following her around with dads picture cell phone. She is trying to hide from me in the crate. I am following her EVERYWHERE!!! hahahahaha (now this is fun)

We keep trying to tell her that it is for her own good. She is NOT buying it. Oh well....

**************************************************************************** For those of you wondering what these bottles below are I will tell you. But please take a good look at them. We seem to have a problem around our group with fartin' paws! Now I don't have a problem with that. It (the fart) has saved me many a time. And.....when I don't have one available my boy Ty usually provides one for me on an emergency.
So my good pals Mr. T-Bone Beasely and Deetzy started bottling up their farts for REAL emergencies. We help each other out during those emergencies and send our "fart" bottles to one another so we can escape our pawrents to safety.
  1. Just farting way to much and you get kicked out of your comfy home and you need a place to crash.
  2. You get into some trouble and are put out for the night in the (Oh My Dawg...)the dawg house.
  3. Unlock a gate and go play at someone else's house for the day and scare the folks. (this could call for a 3 fart bottle emergency for some of us)
  4. You eat your moms bible, favorite pair of shoes, Wheely, kitchen table or the wall. (we will all send you fart bottles ASAP to get you out of your house for every ones safety!!)
  5. Your pawrents take a vacation without you. You are lonely and need a friend. We will take care of you.
  6. We understand that fart bottles will be needed for many things and the list will grow and grow.

Stay strong my friends. I will be passing these around to our friends. Let me know when you need them. We will send them for you. Right now our friend Howie needs them down in Texas. He is in Solitary Confinement for.....being to "farty" yep you read it right. So mine are all loaded and ready to go to Howie. Good luck with this and may the "Farts" be with us!!

This is Willow farting out at the Compound tonight. Letting you all know that there is never anything wrong with farting. Yes even if you are a girl. We girls have to fart tooo. My mommy would like me to call it "fluffing" but since my boy friends call it farting I said " no way , not gonna happen I need to hang with the boys mom!!!" so any other girls with me!!!!!?????
Front of Fart Bottle
Back of Fart Bottle


Ok so this is how my story goes. I didn't get to go to the blahBALL practise last Friday. I was not happy with my mommy. I was ready and prepared to preform for the hoomans even though I couldn't play with the blahBALL's. Do you know she had the nerve to smooch my nose, lock me up and say "not this time Willow it is too hot"! Too hot? No it wasn't!!!! So I cried and cried and she just left me there with Pilar and the cats! So I pouted like any princess would do.

We did have a good weekend, she made it up to me. We pulled weeds, plucked stuff from that garden that I am no longer allowed in. (Ok so I ate a few things, what's the big deal?) I ran circles around everyone. But still not one person played ball with me. What is up with that??? I tried to entice Pilar to a game of ball but she stuck her nose in the air and went for a run. However she went running in the wrong direction, AGAIN, so she had to go back in the house. teehee Will she ever learn??? I as usual was wonderful (mom here....Willow so not true you don't always behave). Ahhh mom this is my blog I say things as I see it!!! Anyway, we had a great weekend playing outside even though it didn't involve playing with balls.

Today is a new day and I am hopeful that my day will end with balls in it. We are getting ready to take Ty to "blahBALL" practise. Wish me luck that I actually get to go. I will report tomorrow on my luck or lack of luck.

This is Willow signing out from the Compound. Warning all of you to not trust those hoomans when they say you get to go bye-bye.

P.S. My mommy gave Pilar a hair cut yesterday. She is now naked. I didn't realize that Cavaliers were supposed to be naked?? Anyway, Jackson do we need to send you the hair for your naked spot???

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Please go by George's Blog or Monty's at Blog. (Sorry I am not good at this short cut thing.)
Today we are all remembering Violette, Monty's baby girl who died this week from a fall. Today is her funeral and her family is so very sad. You will see that a lot of us are using the color violet in remembrance of this precious little girl.
We are sending all kinds of prayers her family's way.

This is Willow, signing out from the Compound today with a heavy heart.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

FootBALL and me!!

Guess what! Mommy asked me "Willow do you want to go to football practise?" All I heard was blah blah blah BALL blah blah blah!!! So I grabbed my water, dish and leash. I beat everyone to the door. All I could think about was the BALL. It was a short drive and I was a bit confused because we were at my boys SCHOOL????

So there we were surrounded by a bajillion boys! BOYS!! I was not expecting this. I don't remember hearing boys with that ball question. Anyway, it was "draft" day so we found out who Ty's coach was. Boys and balls and hoomans were all going in a trajillion directions. My eyes were going well cross eyed. I looked at mom and said "WHERE ARE THE BALLS??"

Finally, there were the balls. I saw them and boy was I excited. I took off after one and didn't realize that mom was connected to me. No it wasn't good *sigh* seriously not good. All I could think about were those balls and it took all she had to stay on her two feet. But I still say it wasn't my fault those boys were throwing them and hey it is a ball and my job to get them......RIGHT?!$#

So off to the practise field we went to watch our boy. Oh I wanted to go play soooo bad but I couldn't. But I did do what us girls do best...... socialize! Yep I met a V-E-T!!! His son is on Ty's team. The little kids were actually nice and didn't poke me. The teenage girls loved on me and so did the other mommies.

OH MY DAWG you will never believe what I saw. A dog. Yes a real dog!!! Ok I saw 2 real dogs. Ok ok I live with Pilar but she doesn't count. I just couldn't believe my eyes and nose! One was a lab like Pee Wee but he was brown. The other was a Black Bouvier called Rufus. I almost fainted but mom said to stop with the drama already. (Talk about drama sheeeesh)

You would think that mom would have taken pictures with her cell phone but she was too busy chatting with all the other moms and was not interested in me. Imagine that!

Well that was my day. I have decided that football practise is not for me. It is hot, boring and I don't get to play with balls. I would rather stay home and chew my cow hoof. That is more exciting than watching the balls go by. a join in kind of girl.

This is Willow signing out from the Compound warning ALL of you to listen carefully to what your pawrents say. The hooman words can be tricky.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

THANKS for your support!

Daisy,Ally,Isaac,Ty and Blu


Hello my friends both 2 pawed and 4 pawed. We just couldn't have done it without all of you. Everyone was so great while my hooman family went away.....FAR away out west to see my 4 pawed mommy. Not to mention they all cheated on me with all those doggies. *Oh Willow this is not how we write a thank you post. I think you can take your complaint up with me after we post ok love!*
So sorry about that my friends, we are just glad they are home safe and sound. Not to mention they did bring gifts! Woohoo. Of course G-ma sent the gifts so she is the best. I am still mad at momma Apache for trying to still my kids. *WILLOW that is not what we are writing about.....focus, ya know like a camera. ya know like the one we don't have yet* Sorry mom I will get back on track here. So a big thanks especially goes out to the 3Pgirls, M&M siblings, Eduardo,Clover, Deetz, Griffendales, and Beasely. If I forgot your name in here just bite my human she is just going so slow. Yep she forgot someone I just know it. For good measure everyone I am just going to bite her, it's settled.
We love you all,
Willow and Pilar

Warning read below this line at your own risk!!!!
Ok so we were not that good while mommy was gone. Yep we did some reaalllly bad things. So I thought I would share a few of them with you all. I am looking for some support . I just hope Pilar and I are not the ONLY pups in the world who do these things. So here it goes:
  • We opened our crates a few times and escaped. Truth is I,Willow, opened the crates and we ran amuck throughout the house for the day. Pilar made her usual kind of mess but I went and snuggled down in the pawrents bed..
  • I kept sneaking out of our back gate. It seems I have a talent for reaching over the gate and opening the latch. I am a fast learner what can I say. Yep trouble was a brewin'
  • I wouldn't listen to dad about was scawry. I thought all living cweatures awe our fwiends. Boy was I wrong. Not only did I smell bad but it broke my heart.
  • Burrs!! Yep I have managed to really make my hoomans mad about those silly things. I was just chasing some silly little critter into a hole. I guess I have had them for a couple of weeks dad said. But he did try to get them out. (not a happy mommy) I was promptly told to stay away from that nasty beast. SIGH
  • I am ashamed to say but...I did a little counter surfing when they were gone.
  • Pilar just kept pee peeing everywhere. She thought our green carpet was the grass. Boy is mommy mad!!!

So we thought we would make up for our badness and help mom out with the bloggin. We know she has to catch up with so many of our friends. So we got busy, put on the proper secretary outfits and got busy. We hope we got all of you. Mom says she thinks we missed a few so it looks like we are back at the keyboard tomorrow. As you can see in the pictures, Pilar is a much better typist than I am. I am a much better dictator. teehee

Can you believe how hard we are working?? We think it is time for a cookie break.

This is a picture of me and daddy. No matter how much trouble I got into during the day he was always there to make it better for me when he got home. I have the bestest daddy in the whole world. Can you see how much he loves me? We did this a lot while mommy was gone. Woohoo for me!!!! Well this is Willow signing out for today. It is time for us to snuggle down for the night. Who know maybe mom might get some sleep!!! Tail wags to you all. Big smooches.