Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photo Shoot

Hi everyone! I am back. Yep I have been gone for a few days. We have been kind of busy. My kids tend to keep us very busy with school, festivals, blahball games, homework......oh that list goes on. So I asked mom.....when is it just going to be about ME!!!!
Well......on Sunday I had a photo shoot. This really cool lady who lives in Michigan named Teresa came to my house. She took a bajillion pictures of ME!!! (ok those kids snuck in a few of them too darn it....oh and lets not forget about Miz Pilar!!) I got to run and play and frolic and just about do whatever I wanted just so she could get the right picture!!! Do you see that picture above? That is one of them!!! My mommy loves black and whites so she did this one for my mommy. Teresa takes boootiful pictures of black doggies in black and whites (well in color too).
I got a little cranky and didn't want to mind.....so mommy made me take a time out. Can you believe it??? So during my time-out....a much needed one according to mommy, the hoomans talked!!!
Teresa shared with mommy that she works with a rescue group here in Michigan. This rescue group takes the doggies that nobody would rescue, yep that is right the ones headed for the bridge before their time!!!! Cool isn't it! These pups do get forever homes too!!!
Then mommy got to educate Teresa (my new pal with good treats) on the Airedale breed and all their colors. Not to mention when she came in the house I went right over and sat on her lap. I just thought she was there for me to use as a chair. Another hooman......another lap...chair...whatever!!!
So this is just one of the many pictures. We call it the teaser picture!!! teehee Miz Teresa is a very busy lady.....smart too. We should be able to see the pictures in a few weeks when the bajillion of them are done! We will also put something up on our sidebar so you can go to her bloggy and see me and all the other doggies!!! We have a feeling that once grandma sees a few of the pictures of me and my kids......well ya know....she will be buying a few!!!! It is just because we are all so darn cute!!!! (love ya g-ma)
Well this is Willow signing out for today from the Compound. Advising you all that if someone says......can I take your picture. You just might want to say yes. You will make a new friend and have fun......not to mention all the treats you will get!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

WOO HOO......I WIN!!!!

I am sure you have all done this before!! Ignored that box when they call our name!!! Yeah you know what I am talkin' about!

Well I have been doing some thinking.....and you are all right. That crappy thing in my kennel has got to go!!! And I mean NOW!!! Ok I am sitting in the middle of my kennel, toy box and toys. I want no part of any of them. Even my piggy and pink duck (which is dying by the way, my sister taped it). I went on strike!!!!

What kind of strike???? First I did the silent pout strike......didn't work. So then I did the PIGGY STRIKE!!!!! teehee lol hahaha Those of you who don't have piggies may not understand....but......those of you WITH piggies understand what I am talking about!!!! Daddy says they sound like a bad deer call. So this is how it went.....they would talk I would honk my piggy.....they would put it up.....i would get it and yep.....honk my piggy......they would stop talking I would stop honking.....they talk.....I honk piggy....kids hid it.....i found it.....started honking her in the middle of the night!!!! I would hide her under my blankie and when put in the kennel I WOULD HONK HER!!!
Wait wait is this a strike or a protest???? Hmmmm!!! Anyway I am getting a new pillow. A REAL pillow for my kennel. Pilar loves that crappy one of mine so mom says she can have it. I say good riddance!!
A big big thank you to all my supporters who helped me with this!!! I am still on the couch and in the beds.....since they belong to me. Another note of good news. They are thinking of getting the girl a bigger bed because she just isn't fitting in it anymore. Something about she is a bed hog....I don't know......

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Bed

This is that stupid thingy (bed/pad) my mommy bought for me. Isn't it pathetic??? It does have blankie in it which does bring me comfort. Note there is a cow hoof that is fun to chew on. But I miss my big black pillow. I could lay on that and blend in with it and they couldn't find me at times. tee hee. It was HER fault I chewed it up!!
Do you all see her teasing me? She wants me to look at her and pose!!! How dare she do this to me? First the neglect....then the pillow....then this stupid pad thingy and now she is teasing me with this bone. Enough already. Daddy..........
Aaahhhhh now this is more like it. This is really my bed. This is their couch but one of my favorite beds. Notice that I have a big comfy pillow to lay on.....not to mention how comfy that couch is!!!!!! hahahaha My other favorite beds are.......well their beds!!!!! Making my point brings me sooooo much happiness. Have a good day friends.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

MY yard!!!

This is my daddy. He is mowing my lawn!!! I know you are all thinking to yourselves....Willow we all have yards/lawns/spots/spaces etc. Well this really is different this is MY LAWN. Granted I do have to share it with Pilar. She at times is just toooo stupid to understand it, but it is "ours" to share. The silly cats come by once in awhile...the prefer the great beyond.
He does do a good job going in and out of those trees. He really makes sure that he doesn't kill any of my toys or balls. Yep that is what he is looking for!! Goooood daddy!!!
He is just getting started, he has a ways to go. I am running around encouraging him! Woof Woof Daddy!!!
Here I am jumping through the air with glee because he just mowed my favorite spot!!!! Thanks daddy. You are the greatest!!!

This......well is the dreaded gate to come in and out of my yard with that beast cutter. I don't go near it. I heard it eats doggies so I stay far away from it. Unless mommy is with me because they don't eat mommies.
This......do you see all that grass.....passed the rocks and deck? This is "their" yard that we all share. Yep I get to run in that too. But only when supervised.....no fence. Pilar can NEVER be left on her own out there. She runs away.....shhhhh that is a secret..

Well here I am just checking to make sure that daddy did his job right. So far it looks like he did. If he missed something than it means sister will have to fix it tomorrow. (Mommy is allergic to grass so she doesn't mow)

Well this is Willow signing out for tonight. We at the Compound hope you all had a good weekend. Chat with you soon.....we hope.....we are moving on to MANIC MONDAY!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Manic Monday

Hi everyone! It is manic Monday around here! Our weekend was crazy so that usually makes our Mondays "manic"!!! Mom decided NOT to fix my sploded pillow! It had been repaired to many times. The garbage man took it away today! :(( She bought some tan pad thingy for my kennel and I hate it. I keep pulling it out and she keeps putting it back in. Wonder if she will ever get the hint!! My bloggy is not much today. No pictures or anything. She neglected ours to spruce up Apache's tribes Bloggy. Go take a look! See ya tomorrow. We think.

Friday, September 12, 2008

More trouble brewin'...

Well daddy's in the dog howse!!! He managed to get himself into a lot of trouble last night. Ok let me explain.......simple.......2 kids......1 Willow!!!! I can only sleep with one kid at a time. Neither want to sleep with Pilar because.....well.....she SNORES!!! So the question of another puppy was brought up again. Daddy said sure how about a YmerRYner. Now I am not to sure what those are but by the looks on everyone's face I wasn't sure if that was good or bad. Now I am a smart Dale but I just wasn't getting their looks. Then "she" spoke......it was scary....kind of!!!

This is one of those "Y" dogs my daddy was talking about. He loves these kinds of doggies. They are beautiful mommy says. However they are not as beautiful as baby Willow....that came right from my mommy.....promise she said that. Oh wait I am getting off track here.....back to the subject at hand.
"I think we are ALL forgetting who takes care of these kids here!" Then my sister said "what the crap.....are you kidding me.....not an Airedale....noway!!" My boy said "I am out of here dad you are on your own with this one. But let it be known I want a Red." Friends......HE HAD THE NERVE TO SAY THAT WITH ME IN HIS LAP!!! Where is the loyalty, where is the love.....I am not feeling it are you????

I know you all recognize this picture from above. This is loyalty.....this is love.....this is......ME......Willow.......the Black Airedale who kills stuffies and pillows when ignored. Me Willow who chases birds, butterflies and woodchucks. Me Willow.....the one you trip over in the middle of the night because you can't see me because I am so dark. Me.....Willow.....DADDY.....who loves and adores you. *Sigh......wimper......sigh* Mommy told me not to worry. But friends do you see my plight. I give love, smooches, hugs, warmth and loyalty. And HE wants to bring in one of those "Y" doggies. I was just getting used to the idea of another Dale. One that is just like me. Mommy doesn't like change....no seriously she doesn't. She is a creature of habit.
And the big secret is....Black Airedales are a little calmer than Black/Tan Airedales and the REDS are even calmer. So Ty and mommy want a RED Dale next. Stay tuned for the puppy saga of 2008. This just may go into 2009. That daddy can be stubborn but mommy can be even more stubborn. Teehee. I heard that it took them almost a year just to pick out a couch!!! Grandma thinks my pawrents are a little kooky. My kids and I would have to agree with her.
This is Willow the BLACK dale signing out asking you all to keep those paws crossed that I get a RED dale sister!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


This is what happens when I get ignored! Enough already with this NCIS stuff. It is an all day marathon on USA today.
First this NCIS stuff then she messes up our bloggy. Enough already. The house will come down, stuffies will be destroyed and food bowls will be tossed until this ends!!!!

Hmmmm what's next????
This is Willow signing out out for today. Keep your paws crossed I don't get locked up for bad behavior!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Blog

Please forgive my mom!!! She was trying to play with our blog and messed it up. It is under construction. She is very mad at herself right now because she lost every one's blog address. Please leave her a message to encourage her so she doesn't run away to an imaginary place called "Stars Hollow" or "Las Vegas"(oh wait that place is does exist) or.....or.....or NEW MEXICO. Oh bother.....she usually goes to New Mexico when stressed. I have to get dad to work on this blog first thing in the morning we can't have her running off again!!!!
Gotta run I see dad.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Mommy has decided to just follow Flash and Peanut's mommy's lead. She is going to neglect everything, and I guess that means ME.......oh yeah and everyone else......
She has started watching NCIS. She is only on season 2!!! Ohhhh *dramatic sigh* This is her favorite show! She told me that Eureka is next. Will the torture never end!!!!!
Do you all think this is because of my recent behavior? Will someone please talk some sense into her? She is forgetting life is all about ME!!!! Well I am off to pout. I already sploded one stuffy during one episode so I am going to find another one for her next one! teehee.....hahahaha.....serves her right!!!!! Besides it wasn't MY stuffie, it was my girls and she should have known better......right......you all agree with me right???? RIGHT????
oH boThEr!!
Willow signing out for today. I say let the pouting begin!! Oh those 2 funny looking people in this picture are mommy's favorite charatcers from the show. paaah

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok.....I'm Back!!!

Wow is all I can say. Those kids are brave. The girl hasn't brought us any drama.....yet, but it is only the 2nd day!!! The boy, well he didn't even let mom walk him in. He just jumped out of the car and said "see ya after school mom!" The stinker.....no seriously he is.....he stinks.....especially after blahball....oh but I think I am digressing.

Pilar and I got to go bye-bye this morning for the school run. We went and got gas and that is where it began. Mom says it is never boring with me around. Talk about the drama, she just doesn't get me. It wasn't my fault I promise:
See Ty was eating a yummy pop-tart. He wasn't sharing and I had to get in his personal space to get some. In doing so I spilled Ally's drink from the day before all over Ty and his seat. (Poor Ally is gonna get it for leaving it in the car) So MOM being the hero that she is (you like that mom is this helping my cause?) jumped in the car and started cleaning Ty and the mess. It is not my fault Ty didn't want to go home and change, besides he wasn't that wet. Next we are in the drop-off line at the school. Mom's friend tells her that her gas cap is off!!! NOOOOO she is horrified. So the line isn't moving yet and she jumps out to close it (she almost went in her pj's....teehee) and OUT I jump then Pilar. hahahahaha Nope I wouldn't come back and Pilar followed. Moms friends were rolling down their windows harassing her. Now for MY bad news. Mommy said to me "Willow it looks like you and I have to go to school. You just don't mind me when we are out and we need some training." OH NO!!! Beasely help!!!
I hope the school year goes better than our 2nd day. Mom says between blahball and the morning drop-off I am 0 for 2. I don't know what that means but I think it is bad. All I know is that I didn't get a treat when I got home. Now that was bad!!!! We sure hope everyone is doing good. We can't wait to read up on what everyone has been doing while we were gone. A week really is a long time to be away from friends. Now we have to run and catch up with all of you. See you soon.

This is Willow signing out from the Compound warning all of you NOT to jump out of cars unless told to do so!!!!