Sunday, August 9, 2009

Missing Mom

Hi everyone! It is August and still no mom. Pilar and I are heartbroken. Ally says this all sucks and is really mad. Ty still plays with us. So I bet you are all wondering just where the heck my mom is. It is a sad sad story so I will just tail you the short version. The daddy wants something called a divorce and won't let mommy come home or see any of us. He pulled a fast one on her. They keep going to this thing called court....I keep thinking it is a basketball court like when Ty plays but he keeps telling me it is not. He says it isn't a fun court but a big people court. Where mommy is living she can't have 4 paws so she is looking for a plays that we can live with her too. It is so sad around here, Ty hides, Ally cries, Pilar barkes and eats all the cats food. Yep she gained all her weight back, boy is mom gonna yell at daddy for letting that happen. Then there is me....I haven't been groomed in months!!! I sure don't know what my daddy is thinking but sister says I look like I have dreadlocks so she combs me out everyday. I think mommy won't be very happy about this either.
I did get to see her once at the gas station and I didn't even recognize her. She says she is on the divorce diet. Then I smelled her and started crying and about knocked her over. Now all I do is carry her stuff with me everywhere and stay with Ally and Ty. I don't have much use for my daddy anymore since he makes my girl cry. I really miss my mommy.
Say lots of prayers for all of us. We miss you. My mommy says she doesn't have internet but she goes to the library and will check it once a week.
From Willow who lives in the sad sad Compound with the rest of the sad compounders!