Monday, December 21, 2009

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well!!! Pilar and I are doing much better!!! As you can tell I am snuggling with my girl. We are so excited it is the winter break because now we have our kids all to ourselves!!! We get to spend a lot of time with mommy too!!!
There isn't much snow but that is ok....if you remember my mommy doesn't like snow to much. Pilar is doing better about going outside with me too. We have a new friend that lives next door...his name is Sunny. We play at the fence and run up and down barking and playing. He is a small dog so when we meet outside the fence he is scared of me! I just don't get it!! Pilar isn't afraid of me!?!? I will have my girl take a picture of him and post it!!! We will try to post soon and we love all of you!!!
Willow and Pilar