Monday, May 17, 2010

Hi everyone! Just a quick note from me....Willow the Black Dale! Things are calming down here in Michigan and everyone is smiling again! Mummy took the kids on a vacation and a good time was had by all.
Mummy is working still and going to school and taking care of us! I am one happy Dale! Pilar is happy too but still is managing to get into the trash every chance she gets!!! That is not going over well. We miss all of you and we promise to give you picture updates of me and Pilar very soon. We are going up to Higgins Lake to go camping in a few weeks and should have lots of pictures to share!!!
Big smooches to everyone....Willow and the gang

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hi guys!

Hi everyone! Here Pilar and I are posing for the camera! This was taken at Christmas and we were both very happy!! We spent Christmas together and we all our humans! Our kids were very excited about their gifts.

As you can tell here nobody would let me play with the new presents so I thought I would try and talk my mum into letting me have some of that candy but she said "no no.....pups can't have chocolate!" Then my grandma gave us our presents!! Lots and lots of treats!
We are all hanging in there and doing ok. Mom is going to school full-time and working nights. She has a few jobs so she is pretty tired. But she manages to be happy and do a lot of snuggling with us. It is very difficult to rent around here since nobody wants to let me live in their place cuz I seem to be too big! I mean come on....Mango now that is big I am not so big. I was thinking of having Mango go visit them and show them what BIG really is then they would lighten up a bit!! What do ya think Mango? So it looks like my mum is trying to buy a place! Thank you everyone for your concern. Mom wishes she could be on here more and misses everyone!
love from Willow and Pilar