Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More scary EYES!!!

Well mawmie did it! She found a scary eye picture of the kitty. Still none of Teak but this is Maiz. This is my hooman girls kitty. He likes to sleep on her head. This was taken a few years ago during her "Hello Kitty" phase when she had pink walls. I wasn't here then but I heard it was very bright in her room. The "boys" tell me it was really only safe (for your eyes) to go in during the night. I guess that is why his eyes look so scary!!!
My mawmie is not so happy today. She took pictures of me on her crappy camera. She tried to upload them and in the process lost some real good ones on her memory card. We really need to put that bug in the Camera Fairy's ear for her. I am tired of listening to her whine about this.
Nose pokes,

Monday, April 28, 2008

For Deetz...Scary Eyes! But not really!!!

Ok Deetz here they are. This is as good as we could get!! We discovered that our mawmie is VERY fond of that darn "delete" button like so many other mawmies are. She even tried to find one of our kitties but they were nowhere to be found!!! (Teak was happy about that I might add)
We are a little busy at our house! We are off to a basketball game for the hooman boy. My mawmie quit her job today!!! Woohoo we are all happy about that. We will update tomorrow. Alas...still no camera. Mawmie wants one for her birthday REALLY bad. We will have to put a bug in the birthday fairy's ear about it.
Here's to ya Deetz!!!
Oh yes and Pilar too!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Food,Food, and uhh...... MORE FOOOOOOOOD

Willow here. OK I will tell you what I got. But first I'll tell you everything my girl (Ally) had planned and had out. We had Bean and Bacon soup, Cesar Salad, Chicken, Brats, Hot dawgs (thank goodness they don't make them out of dogs!!!!), And Ice Cream Cake. Pilar and I had a little bit of everything. It was sooooo good and like I said before, the kids were great about dropping things for us. But, my girl Ally always takes care of me. She and I have and unbarken agreement at dinner time. I look cute and she gives me the good stuff....and all is well in our house!!! I even got to have some of that yummy cake because my sister let me have some of the frosting!!!! As much as I begged she wouldn't let me have any chocolate, darn. I think she new mawmy wouldn't go for that. We hear chocolate is bad for me. Yep I am one lucky dale, my girl is pawsome and she rocks!
I gotta skoot. I am on the search for more food. My girl played "hookey" today from school so I should be able to get some good stuff out of her today. My tummy can't wait.

bark at you later,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

She's Home!!!

Sheeee's Back!!! The waiting, oh the waiting! It was not good yesterday at our house. Ally told us that mommies planes were late so that meant mommie would be late...BIG SIGH!!! Pilar and I just didn't get it. You see we planned a PAWTY along with our girl for moms homecoming and this just was not aireseptable!!!!
Finally she got home to lots of love, food, ice cream , food, kids, food, friends, food and family. Hey paw friends did I mention how much FOOD there was???? My daddy is a great cook and he had sooo much food. AND I know you are all wondering if we got some of that tasty food. Yes my paw friends we DID!!! The only thing missing was the camera!!! Mommie was way to excited with seeing us to get the camera out but she promises to make up for that.
All the rotten boys got to her first since they were playing out front, then the girls and Pilar. Can you believe the cats got to her before I did. That's ok because when I got to her I let her have it for being gone for so long. I nose poked her, aire yelled at her then just knocked her down and gave her some good aire slurps. Once we got the hooman kids to bed mommie and I settled down for some snuggle time, yes even Pilar and the cats joined us.
She is the bestest mommie in the world. Want to know why? We get to go on our bye-byes again. No more being kenneled during the day!!! We get to have coffee with mommie and hang out with her in daddies big chair!! I get to go to sisters softball practice again!!! But here is the best thing......SHE DIDN'T BRING HOME THAT PUPPY!!!!!
Paw slaps, nose pokes and dale snaps,
Pee. Ees. We will post more later mommie says after she get the camera out and working!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

24 HOURS!!!!!

Well mom will be home in 24 hours!! She flies into Detroit tomorrow and we are on paws and tails about it! We just know she is going to be in paw heaven (kid heaven too)!!! She is never to tired for any of us.
We are all wondering how we(hooman kids and paw kids) can kick dad out of the bed so we can have mommy to ourselves when she gets back. We can't wait for hugs, snuggles, slurps(paw kids) and kisses! We have to admit dad is usually good about sharing mommy with us and gives up his bed upon a return!!!
Now about that puppy! Dad told mom "DON'T BRING HOME A PUPPY!!!" Well the truth is they are not ready to go home. If they were I think she would be bringing one home. I am on dads side with this but my hooman sister is on "team" puppy with mom. Pilar and Ty (hooman brother) just really don't care. I am going to work on those two!! My kittys are "team" no-puppy so we just might win this thing. My mom is going to put up pictures later of the 2 puppies she wants so she said to be on the look out later this evening for them. She thinks that is going to convince me or something.
Paw slaps and nose pokes,
Willow, Pilar and the Cats

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life without mommy!

Pilar " It is sad mommy isn't here! Our picture hasn't been taken in weeks! I can't believe she has been gone for so long! I wonder if she is really going to come home?"

Willow " Oh please Pilar!!! I hate it when she documents everything we do.....then we can't hide it. I heard she is coming home next week. At least that is what I over heard daddy saying last night. Oh yeah, you were in sleeping with Ally so you didn't catch that did ya!!!!"

Pilar "I will believe it when I see it!!! Note....I was doing MY job and sleeping with my girl. Why weren't you sleeping with your boy? Looking for the midnight snack again from daddy? Oh bother!!!!!"

Willow"Who ME midnight snacking with daddy? A dale would never (wink wink) do that!! Besides daddy had to fix my bed in my boys room before I could go to bed for so sweet slumber!"

Teak the Alpha Cat"Enough already!!! She will be home next week . Face it ladies...no matter how much you two beg I am the late night snack king with daddy"

I will sign out for these two today. I guess they really miss mommy. I am Teak the oldest of the house. Mommy hasn't put my picture up yet. I hope she doesn't find one to put up there either. I like my privacy!
So all of you stay cool and snack as much as you can.
Teak the Alpha Cat

Friday, April 11, 2008

To Have or NOT to Have

Morning everyone!  Well the question is...."Is your mommy bring home a black dale?"  My answer...."I SURE HOPE NOT!!!!"
However I am a daddy's girl so I will be patient and understanding....NOT...if she decides to bring one home.  But daddy already said to her "DON'T COME HOME WITH ANYMORE DALES!!!!!"  But my mommy is kinda like a dale, especially a BLACK dale...  she does what she wants.  My kids want her to bring one back the little traitors.  I must admit my boy does need a dale.   My mommy told me that is why she is seriously thinking of bringing one back.  
**Pilar here...mommy didn't ask me if it was ok but I know I am still her princess.  Maybe if she brings one home I will no longer be tortured by Willow and I can go back to being the couch dog that I love being!!**
Oh bother now Pilar is on Mommies side.  What's a dale to do?  I will have to talk to daddy about this.  This can't be happening......can it?  I love my mommy but this is crazy!!!!!  Maybe she just has puppy fever being around all those puppies.  HELP SOMEONE PLEASE BUY THOSE PUPPIES SO SHE DOESN'T COME  HOME WITH ONE!!!!   She wants one of my mommies puppies, they are now a day old and she is going to post pictures later today.  I guess she has already picked one.  OOOOHHHHH.    That is it I am calling daddy ASAP.   Can someone get his work number for me?????
Well I am off to pout like only a Dale can do.  Wish me luck.
lots of dale snaps and nose pokes,

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Puppies Part 2

Ok you asked for it you got it.  Here are some pictures of the puppies.  Willow didn't want to send them out because she didn't want anyone to think they were cuter than her so I told mom I would do it.  I hope you enjoy them everyone!
happy trails,

Mommy the Traitor!!

Hi everyone! I guess you have all noticed that I have not been on of late to tell you all of my latest "tails" so to speak!
As you can see from this picture my mommy is off in New Mexico being a traitor!!! My human grandma is up to her elbows in puppies. They are currently waiting for my mommy Apache to have her babies. Can you imagine 16-18 Airedale puppies in one house? First time momma Taradale is having a litttlllee trouble feeding her babies. It is turning into a 24/7 job for my mommy and grandma. (Glad I am not there because I wouldn't get ANY attention)
That is mommy on phone asking about ME believe it or not! I thought she might have forgotten about me.
I got angry at my family today. They had the nerve to play with me this morning, get me all excited then CRATE me so they could go to school and work. Yeah!!! I was thinking the same thing you are my friends. Not working for me! So when they got home I had a BIG surprise waiting for them. I chewed, tore and all around destroyed my birthday pillow. Now you would think it would just be kept between those of us here in Michigan right? Oh no they had to call mommy and tattle on me. You guessed it. She freaked when my girl told her the zipper was missing!! I hid it I didn't eat it like mommy thought. So on the phone mommy was to daddy then the drama unfolded. (mommy is kind of like that, she used to work for a vet & has horror stories) Daddy got the whole story and calmed mommy down. Those kids. I am seriously considering hiding one of their webkinz for telling on me to mommy.
My boy and I played basketball the other day but he didn't share the ball to well so I decided I would go in search of my own ball. As you can all guess that didn't work to well either. Sister found me at the neighbors but I pretended I didn't see her OR hear her and ran really fast to the other side of the house and beat her to the door. I think I won since I beat her to the door.
Well my friends I must go. Please take care, be well and Mr. T buckle up and be safe. Those Phoenix drivers are crazy from what I hear. Mommy was just in Tucson & she said they are just as bad.
airedale kiss to all,