Sunday, November 15, 2009

Still NO Pictures

Hi everyone! No pictures but I thought I would stop by and give everyone a quick update on the compound. I am much happier since I get my mommy to myself a lot now. Pilar has been very very bad. She has forgotten where to go potty and uses the basement as her pottyland. My kitties run through the house at night waking daddy, I think they are mad cuz mom isn't here. Everyone is happy and doing good. Mommy started school and is really busy with that. I asked her if I could start school with her but but she said I couldn't. I even gave her my pleading "dale" eyes and it didn't work. I am still trying to figure out another approach so I can go to school too! Mom sends her love to everyone and wants you all to know she is thinking about you and can't wait to catch up! Grandma gave her a computer so now she has to figure out how to upload her pictures from her camera on it. Just one more thing for her to play with. Thanks grandma for the computer.