Monday, March 31, 2008

Trash, Tractor's and my kids!!

Hello Pilar here. My girl is writing everything down for me because I am to tired from yesterday. Well my boy had a friend over and they were playing with Ally. Those mean boys wouldn't let Willow and I go near the fire they had made. Well I got mad and went to be alone with mommy. Willow came running in demanding mom. Well Ally sent Willow outside. She ran and I was alone at last. Then Willow came in that night and started bragging up a storm.
Want to know what she did? Well I'll tell you. The girl was getting wood from the woodpile and "The Mutt" chased after the tractor to help. I have to say she was a good helper. Well after they roasted marshmallows dad loaded the tractor with trash for Ally to take to the road for him. Well on the way out the silly boys hopped in back with the TRASH!!!! Ty got in trouble, 1 for jumping in back and 2 for standing up and trying to surf!! Then they all came inside. Ally let us out not knowing those boys left the gate open. Of course, we are dogs so we went to the front I went to the bathroom then to the front door. But the "Mutt" went to the trash and started playing in it. Ty was in trouble again. I felt bad because poor Ally had to wash Willow because she smelled really bad and had stuff sticking to her. Oh Willows coming got to go.
Bark at you later
Pilar (the smarter dog of the house.bye)

Friday, March 28, 2008


Well today I spent to much time in my crate. My family was gone most of the day but that is ok because they made up for it when they got home!! Not to mention spring break just started for my kids so life is looking good for me!

So I got to thinking about times when I was a wee little thing. As you can see from the picture I like to chew up paper. Yes, I Willow am addicted to paper. It doesn't matter what kind it is, phone books, school books, cook books, etc., you get the point my friends. This was my first big destructive paper project. Mommy thought it was funny. Daddy didn't, I guess it was because he had to clean it up. He had the nerve to make me stand out there with him while he cleaned it up!!! Of course mommy made a production out of it like she does everything else. I should have caught on then to run when the camera comes out because it usually ends up bad for me with my picture sent to all family members with my deed of the day! So my question is this my furry friends: Is anyone else addicted to paper or is just me? This is Willow signing out for the night. Wishing you all a great nights sleep!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tennis Balls & Coffee

Well we sure did have a morning around here. All I did was want to play. All mommy wanted to do was finish her coffee. I was having none of that! Mommy is a BIG coffee drinker (I even sneak a sip every now and then). Pilar wouldn't play fair, the cats just wouldn't play so mommy was my next target.
She was doing pretty good at throwing the ball for me I must admit. She was on the phone talking to grandma, which I didn't like. I think she forgets sometimes that it is all about ME! We were doing pretty good then I went and did it! Yep my furry friends I dropped the ball in her coffee cup when she wasn't looking. If only I would have know she was going to make a production about it I would NOT have done it. As you can all see I am trying to look cute but am looking very guilty. I guess this means I don't get to go with mommy to pick up my kids. :(( Maybe if I give her my "Dale" eyes she will change her mind. The eyes usually work on her and daddy.
I will let you all know how the rest of the day goes. I promised mommy I will leave her coffee least for the rest of the day!
slurping out,

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Busy days & Birthdays!

Wow! We sure have been busy at our house these last few days! My boy turned 10 on Sunday, which was also Easter. My mommy spent the morning baking him brownies because he doesn't like cake. My sister Pilar and I got different treats at his treat time. We helped daddy in the kitchen debone the turkey! Daddy was trying to teach me how to catch the treats in the air and I must say I was doing a good job but my sister Pilar wasn't too good.
My mommy has taken off from work for awhile so it has been great having her home with us! We don't have to be in our crates very much since she is here with us most of the day. Not to mention we get to go just about everywhere she goes!!! Our favorite time of the days is after daddy goes to work and the kids are at school. We all sneak back to bed, cuddle and nap the morning away!
Thank you to everyone who left us a comment! We will be sure to link you all to our page and feel free to link us up! We love meeting new friends!! My mommy loves Black Airedales. She waited almost 2 years for me. My grandma said she was getting pretty picky and just might not end up with one!!! But mommy new what she wanted. She adores my "birth" mommy Apache and waited for her to have me. She told me I was WELL worth the wait.
It has been a busy day running my kids around to all their activities. I just don't know why mommy lets them get so busy. It takes away from MY play time. I think we may have to talk about this over Spring break next week. I hope all of you had good snuggle time with your kids, cats and mommies and daddies. We have lizards but I was told I had to leave them alone....sigh! Bark at you all later,

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Snow Day part 2

Seriously....I hope my mommy gets this blog down. She made "Snow Day Part I" and lost it for me. So it looks as if she is now fired and I will just do the job myself. Humans......
As you can see from the title it snowed again. It was great!!! My mommy hates the snow, which I personally don't get, but I love it. She told me she was not my personal doggy door opener? Whatever that means? She did mentions something about going groundhog hunting in Pennsylvania next year because of this long winter? Anyway if that means going bye-bye count me in!
Her little prissy "dog" hates the snow too. Her name is Pilar and daddy calls her a mop with 4 legs. I have to agree with him on that. OH by the way...anyone in need of a mope with 4 lets? Shhhh...don't let mommy know I am trying to borrow her out. She is just a grouchy THIEF!!! Yes my friends you read correctly, she is a thief. She takes MY toys and hides them in her crate and will even lay on them so I can't get them.
Can you believe my kids had the nerve to leave me home alone today? I can't and I am very upset with them. Mommy has already taken one of their Webkinz from me. Hey they are not here to play with it so i should get to right? I am going to end here and run that darn Pilar out of MY crate. Wish me luck.
Bark at ya later,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Outside again!

Well I tried to sun today but it was still a no go. I can't wait for the weather to get warmer here in Michigan. Mommy keeps talking about this place called Arizona that she says is really nice and warm. Hmm...wonder if she'll ever take me there.
I am rather upset with my family today. I didn't get to drop my kids off at school this morning. So I went into their rooms and started taking all kinds of things out and brought them into the living room. I tried putting them in my toy box but I got busted by mommy!!! She is no fun.
I am rather bored today because the silly cats don't want to play and the "little floppy thing" they have here called a dog doesn't want to play either.
Well maybe tomorrow will be better.
barking out,

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that life is going great here in Michigan. I just turned 1 in January!! It seems that I am finally getting everyone trained, even the cats and that "dog" they have. I LOVE my kids and they love me a lot. I go with mommy every morning to take them to school. I just don't understand why I can't go with them. I have been invited to spend the night at my girls friends house when she goes and I am excited about that. Mommy says she just isn't to sure about it because I didn't do to well the last time I spent the night away from home. But that was when she took me to that horrible doctor and left me overnight by myself!!!! I have many talents that just are not appriciated around this house. I open gates, light the stove, drag MY toys all over (after all they are mine) leave my bones in special places and am demanding about dinner. Ok ok so I throw my dish when I want to eat, but hey a girls gotta do what she's gotta do when she is starving!My starting home was Tenkiller Airedales in Deming, New Mexico. My first mommy was Apache. Apaches "mommy" is my grandma. I was a birthday present to my mommy from grandma. But I must admit I am a daddy's girl. So...I wonder I grandma is going to send a cousin to us for mommy....Well I am off in search of a Webkinz.bark bark,Willow
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