Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just Tryin' to help!!!!!

Hey you recognize my pink hat? I put it there so my daddy could find the stuff to the kitchen. It must have done the trick because he found it! He worked real hard and got it done. I would like to think it was all because of ME.
I thought I would also lay on top of some of the kitchen parts just so he wouldn't forget them either. All of this was in the basement so I knew he would come looking for me sooner than later!! lol
Now my daddy isn't a ONE project kind of guy so he had a few going at a time!!!! He was also painting my sisters room as well. {mommy was NOT liking this at all} Mommy always says "one thing at a time!!!" So I parked myself in the middle of that project too. No not one drop of paint on my beautiful black fur or paws!!!!

Well this is Willow signing out for now! Letting you all know mommy is doing a little better. Stay very close to your pawrents during projects so you don't become one!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am being sneaky!

Hi everyone! I know my mommy still isn't up for chatting but we just wanted to let you all know I at least am doing GGRRRREEEAAAT! I was not to happy about the new beds situation that my kids did. Ok seriously I was down right MAD!!!! But I am trying to help mommy build that bridge and get over it! What ever that means. So now I sleep with my boy instead of my girl and Pilar sleeps with mommy and daddy!
We are still remodeling! At least the kitchen is usable and I can get to my snackables now. The only bad thing....or should I say good is the trash can is out in the open now!!!! Yeah you all know what that means! Ok so I have partaken in a little of this and a little of that. No big deal. Then I struck gold. This is how it went:
I was snooping around the kitchen when I saw laying...laying on top of the trash a stuffie. Nope it wasn't mine, however I did get concerned that there was a perfectly fine stuffie in the trash. So I took it out and laid it on the floor next to the can. A little later it was in there AGAIN!!! Silly hoomans. I had to take it out again, but this time I took it into the living room. Yep you guessed it my friends when I went to go get a drink guess what I saw THE STUFFIE IN THE TRASH AGAIN. So I hid it this my toy box. The hoomans just kept asking each other "who is taking it out" and mom said "don't be dumb's Willow she thinks it is hers." Turned out it was my boys and now it is mine, safely hidden in my toy box. Now....I wonder if they will find the clippers... ha ha ha.
Giving moms lots of hugs and love,

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hello....please forgive

Greetings everyone and big sloppy smooches! Ok my mommy has just been way down in the dumps of late. Her life has been crazy lately and spinning way out there so she is taking a major break from life. No don't be silly not from me or Pilar or Ally or Ty....just from the computer, TV, phone, the great
In the picture below is Traci.....she is moms best friend who moved to Australia. She is having fun hangin' with the roo in Adelaide! We are on a count down right now. She will be home for Christmas with her kids and we can't wait. This should make mommy really really happy!!!! She misses her really really bad. I even tried giving my mom the pink pig to make her feel better....but it didn't.

Now for some good news. They fixed our favorite McDonalds! We are all so happy. We can now get our morning coffee and treat after dropping off the human kids.!!!! Now this makes mom smile!!! Now for the bad news....the kitchen is still broken and it is making mom very nervous. she said and I quote "I just want my house back...sob sob sob" Ok so half of it is done now we have to bust out the wall. We think we will send mommy to grandma's when that happens. Trust will be much easier on all of us if we do that!!! teehee

My mommy loves this picture. We don't know why but she does. So daddy is going to get it for her. He just wants her to stop crying and get out of bed I think so he will do any thing at this point. Our Friend Teresa said she will come back in the spring and try to get some better ones of me and my kids in the spring. Daddy wants color pictures. We are going to do a wall of just us in black and whites on our addition. Teresa got some really good pictures that my mommy can't live without. Mommy really liked Miss Teresa and when she finishes school she wants to spend time with her and her camera!!!
Please forgive our absence. We are going to try real hard to get back up and chatting and catching up. We still want to be a part of the Christmas card exchange. We love all of you and miss you all. Big smooches, Willow