Monday, December 21, 2009

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well!!! Pilar and I are doing much better!!! As you can tell I am snuggling with my girl. We are so excited it is the winter break because now we have our kids all to ourselves!!! We get to spend a lot of time with mommy too!!!
There isn't much snow but that is ok....if you remember my mommy doesn't like snow to much. Pilar is doing better about going outside with me too. We have a new friend that lives next door...his name is Sunny. We play at the fence and run up and down barking and playing. He is a small dog so when we meet outside the fence he is scared of me! I just don't get it!! Pilar isn't afraid of me!?!? I will have my girl take a picture of him and post it!!! We will try to post soon and we love all of you!!!
Willow and Pilar

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Still NO Pictures

Hi everyone! No pictures but I thought I would stop by and give everyone a quick update on the compound. I am much happier since I get my mommy to myself a lot now. Pilar has been very very bad. She has forgotten where to go potty and uses the basement as her pottyland. My kitties run through the house at night waking daddy, I think they are mad cuz mom isn't here. Everyone is happy and doing good. Mommy started school and is really busy with that. I asked her if I could start school with her but but she said I couldn't. I even gave her my pleading "dale" eyes and it didn't work. I am still trying to figure out another approach so I can go to school too! Mom sends her love to everyone and wants you all to know she is thinking about you and can't wait to catch up! Grandma gave her a computer so now she has to figure out how to upload her pictures from her camera on it. Just one more thing for her to play with. Thanks grandma for the computer.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Missing Mom

Hi everyone! It is August and still no mom. Pilar and I are heartbroken. Ally says this all sucks and is really mad. Ty still plays with us. So I bet you are all wondering just where the heck my mom is. It is a sad sad story so I will just tail you the short version. The daddy wants something called a divorce and won't let mommy come home or see any of us. He pulled a fast one on her. They keep going to this thing called court....I keep thinking it is a basketball court like when Ty plays but he keeps telling me it is not. He says it isn't a fun court but a big people court. Where mommy is living she can't have 4 paws so she is looking for a plays that we can live with her too. It is so sad around here, Ty hides, Ally cries, Pilar barkes and eats all the cats food. Yep she gained all her weight back, boy is mom gonna yell at daddy for letting that happen. Then there is me....I haven't been groomed in months!!! I sure don't know what my daddy is thinking but sister says I look like I have dreadlocks so she combs me out everyday. I think mommy won't be very happy about this either.
I did get to see her once at the gas station and I didn't even recognize her. She says she is on the divorce diet. Then I smelled her and started crying and about knocked her over. Now all I do is carry her stuff with me everywhere and stay with Ally and Ty. I don't have much use for my daddy anymore since he makes my girl cry. I really miss my mommy.
Say lots of prayers for all of us. We miss you. My mommy says she doesn't have internet but she goes to the library and will check it once a week.
From Willow who lives in the sad sad Compound with the rest of the sad compounders!

Sunday, May 24, 2009



Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do you all see this?  Well my mommy has gone off and left us AGAIN!!!!  That tiny little baby is the new addition to our family and his name is Jonah Scara.  As you can tell Isaac is not that thrilled with him yet.  Jonah is only 2 days old and she left me and went to Tucson to see him and Isaac.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE I ASK??  Ally and Ty are not on board with this either since they had to stay home because school doesn't end until June 9th.  Mom said she had a great time with the babies.

Then off to New Mexico she went to play with the paw babies.  All I know is she better get home soon or I am going to be a typical dale and start eating the walls.  Yep you all read correctly EAT WALLS!!!!  Things are crazy busy at home and I just am not getting the attention I deserve.  So please send my mommy a petition that she needs to go home STAT (that means yesterday in the medical field).

Well friends I miss you all.   I am going to ask my girl to do some typing for me and see where that gets me.....
Big hugs and smooches the Willow and the gang!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Day



Our lives have been crazy of late! My humans have been running everywhere and I think they have forgotten what a computer is let alone MY blog. So I begged my secretary to please, please, PLEASE let you all know that I am still around.....and so is Pilar. I have missed all of you. I need to get caught up on all your lives oh yes I do. George.... I have a woodchuck that taunts me daily. If they would just let me out of my fence to get it the world would be grrreaaat! But that darn thing guys knows when they open the big gate to the big yard. That critter waits for me the runs for his home. I will get him yet before summer is over.
Well here are that Ally took of me, Pilar and Teak. I don't know how she got Teak to sit for this photo session but she did. It must have been because I was on guard!!! I have met a few new pups in the grass world and am waiting for them to start blogging. One guys name is Bu....he is a hottie.
Well I am off to the back yard to see if I can find that wood chuck. Love to all my friends. May your spirits be lifted and may you remember to snuggle and give lots of licks.

Big Smooches,


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Team Work...Airedale's Rule in my house.

Hi friends!  This is me and my teddy.  He is kind of like my security blankie ( ok I have one of those too).  Pilar and I had a rough go and playing with her and she sploded!  But don't worry the sewing kit was taken out quick and fixed by my loving humans.  I love them soooo much!

Ok here in Michigan, and George can back me on this, the weather has been crazy!!!  It is hot then cold then hot then cold.  Well this was a hot day... and Pilar had on her sweater.  She DEMANDED that I take it off of her.  So being the good and talented dale that I am I did.  I couldn't let my sister be hot....that would be just down right mean of me!

Well here it is...... the "sweater" you know the one.  Yep the one that Ally made her wear for the photo shoot with the pearls.  She was asking me to hide it or get rid of it.  I had to think long and hard about what needed to be done with this winter garb.  I was trying to think if I if needed to pass it along to anyone.  But.....

Playing with it was so much more fun.  We actually played tug-of-war with it.  We tried so hard to damage it.  The darn thing was indestructible. So it was washed and put away for next winter.  Poor Pilar.... maybe next year they will buy her something else.

Well this is Willow writing from the compound still pouting that mommy is gone.  Wishing you all well and big smoooches.  I have missed you all.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Checking in!!

Hi everyone! We are back today. We wanted to show you our wall of black and whites. This is part of the new decorating and kitchen building that is stillllll going on at our house. Remember all those pictures that our friend Teresa took for us back in the fall? Here is her work displayed all over the wall. Mommy says only black and white pictures can go up there. Grandma thinks she is silly because she doesn't like black and whites.... she says "they invited color so you can SEE the color" she just doesn't get mommy. On the far right you can see our cousin Issac he was at the beach!!
Now you see Pilar...we have a problem here. She is in my condo in front of MY dish. Yes she is looking for handouts and wants to eat from my dish. She just isn't getting it that she gets the little dish and I get the big dish. If she did...then I guess she wouldn't be on a diet!!!
So dad and I had to have another talk about Pilar getting into my stuff again. He told me that I was going to have to deal with or just sit on her. It seems I am to nice and let her "walk" all over me. She takes things right out of my mouth then goes into her condo and hides them then will get hers and proceed to her condo to eat hers. Ty said I should just beat her up. Ally says I should be more like mommy and just growl at her. I am just now sure what to do!!!
Big smooches to all of you. This is Willow signing out from the compound warning all of you to hang on to your bones so nopaw gets ahold of them and you are left boneless!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For Bogie & Mommy Lulu

We are sorry we have been absent for so long. We just wanted to say we will miss Bogies Daddy. Our love is with Bogie and his Mommy LuLu. If I could get on Ruby's plane and fly to you I would. I am sending smooches and love to you both.

big smooches,
Willow and her family

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wii Fit & My girl

Of course it was bed time! Ally was just taking up too much of the bed. They still didn't get those full mattresses yet!! So...Ally took the cushions from the couch and made me a bed. Now if I could just get her to scoot over a little more!! Now here I am....sitting....thinking....and pondering what to do. One Wii, one boy, 2 girls and one Willow. Hmmmm how was I going to make this work. I needed a plan and a good one.
At last I did. It was great! Every time a person got on the Wii fit i would lay a paw on it or my tail. They didn't take notice. So I had to take drastic measures...I laid on it while they were playing. Yes that is me with my head on the board getting told to leave...NOW!! As you all can see I am not budging. Plus she was doing much better with my help....poor girl. They need to make me my own character because I have seen some of these humans play and let me just say friends....we are soooo much better than they are!

My girl got on and gave me that look "you do it and you will get busted all the way to the kennel." So off I went in search of a cat. Hey at least I am bigger and they can't complain right! So I found Teak and Daddy, they had foodables so life was good.

Friends, we are so happy to finally be coming back. Things are still a little sad. Mommy & Daddy's friend died this week. Yes same community and everyone new each other. But everyone is pulling together for both families and it makes our hearts feel so happy. So much must be done over the next month that we will be popping in and off just to say hi to some of our friends. Please don't think we have bailed on you. You are all very important to us. You and your humans have gotten us through our rough patches. When mommy couldn't sleep because of the sadness she would get on and just read about our blog families. She said she is sorry she didn't write but will start again soon. My sister promises to start helping me out with the typing since my mommy has so much going on. She said to please forgive her spelling (we told her there is spell check) and that she isn't funny. I think she is sweet and kind. She is workable.
Well this is Willow checking out from the compound tonight. Wishing you all love slobbers, licks, nibbles, puppy slams and cold nose pokes. Without these things life would be boring. Much love and BIG SMOOCHES TO ALL......Willow and her compound.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sad News.

Hi everyone. Do you see me hiding behind my daddy? Well...we won't be around again for about a week or so. My boys friend was killed in a snowmobile accident on Friday. He was 11 and all of our hearts are broken. They have played ball together and been in the same class since kindergarten. My parents are friends with his parents. You see we live in a small town so this has been hard on all our humans. In the middle of the night we all got on the horn with each other and came up with a plan to be extra loving and good to our humans. I will keep you all posted on how my boy is doing. Mommy is going to be sticking pretty close to him so she sends her love to you all.
Lots of licks and hugs, Willow

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Tree...Come take a peek!


Hi everyone! Happy Holidays from everyone here at the compound!!! Thank you all for the most thoughtful and beautiful cards and pictures. My kiddos were jealous that I got more cards then they did. tee hee

So what we (me and mommy) came up with for New Years is kind of cool. WE took off all the decorations and put up all our Dog With Blog friends cards to redecorate it. A good time was had by all. We hope you enjoy it. Is was having fun playing with her new camera. I might add that she is NOT letting anyone touch.....

I am off to bed for the night. Happy puppy, kitty and hammy dreams