Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thinking Thursday

I See that it has been a week since my last post. It has been a life time since we last spoke. Seriously. My hoomans are neglecting grandma help!!! Auntie Deb, Auntie Amy I need help! Can you believe it has been a week?

Ok so I have been thinking. Things have been crazy around my house. It is August. Does anyone know what that means? AUGUST = CRAZY HOOMANS!!! Yes doctors appointments, dentists, eye doctors, hair cuts, new shoes coming into the house (tasty), the clothes....oh the clothes!!! Let's not forget about the crazy hours they keep. What is going ON??? Just when I think it is time to play they are off running to that "blahBALL"!

I finally heard my mom say to my boy and girl "you better get used to getting starts next week!" Holy week! Why didn't anyone tell me!!! Finally after months of sharing mommy we finally get her all to ourselves! Woohoo! Let the lovin' begin. Those of you with pups at your house know what I am talking about!!

This is some major bonding/snuggling time with my guys! This is what I am talking about. This is my life, just the way I like it. Just another week and my life will be back to this. Whatever normal you think my mom will relax then? Nah I didn't think so either.

Well I am out of here. Off to dream of better days gone by when the loving was non-stop. Smooches to you all. Forgive us if we haven't made it to your blog. Also forgive us if we don't blog until Tuesday. We love you all.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The "Rant" is on!!!

So much to report about that my Dale mind just doesn't even know where to begin. Mommy always says it is best to start at the I guess I could give it a try......each drama/tail will be in a different color of course!!!

HHHmmmm Where to begin...................................

Oh my friends I never did tell you all about "Blahball" practise the other night. Mommy braved it and took me!! Woohoo. Do I hear all my pals on DWB cheering me on!!! It started out so wonderful. I was a good girl.....sat by my mommy......chewed my hoof.....drank my water.......enjoyed my pats........slurped my boy. Yes it was good. Until.....3 little boys came running by....FAST. Now I am a shy girl when we are out. I didn't realize that mommy had to go talk to some crazy man (the coach) about Ty. When I looked up she was G-O-N-E!!! The panic set in and I took off. Just forget the fact that I was sitting with people that were pawsome and they loved me. NO I wanted mommy. I took off like a crazy doggy with a lime green chair attached to me and ran across the field looking for my mommy. Took that crazy woman 2 times of me going around in chasing me and even my pup Ty getting me before she said "dear LORD ppplllleeeeaasssee tell me that isn't WILLOW!!!!" A smartty pants kid said to her this is God and yes that is your dog running crazy out there.....get her NOW!!! I am now banned from Blahball unless daddy takes me. BooHissss

I must move on to the next subject. I want to know and be honest with me. Do I look like a Poodle? Seriously. I love poodles of all sizes! The 4Lads are some of my favorite guys. But I don't think I look the the Poodles that live in that gang. I know you are asking yourselves why am I bringing this up. WELL........I GOT CALLED A POODLE AGAIN!!!! sigh....sigh... No offence to poodles. But really, I am an Airedale. Just I happen to be Black. sob sob

It is Friday night. I hear some of our DWB guys are going to Vegas. Some are going on dates. Some are going to games. Some are protecting the borders of the world and our Wheelies! Even some of our Paw friends are home right now helping heal broken hearts. Kuddos!!!

Now I do believe it is time for us ladies to get our wheelies and have a Tea Party! Oh yes I mean hats, gloves, costumes (optional), mommas and of course TEA. What do you think?

Well everyone these darn thoughts just won't stop coming. Mommy says I should just go get in bed with daddy and sleep these thoughts away. She said I could be back to normal in the morning. there such a thing?

Well this is mellow Willow signing out from the compound today. Keep your head held hi and let your eyes sparkle to all.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


It has come to my attention that my mommy Apache has not released Wheely Paco yet. He is still in Critical condition in Deming, New Mexico. Paco has NOT been AIRE-lifted to Airedale Heaven Hospital yet like we all thought. This is a travesty!!! Our Wheelies may try to take over at times but we must support them anyway!! I love my Malitta, when she is on her shelf!!! (oops)

Now I know my mommy Apache is tough but come on this can't happen any longer. MELITTA and I are calling for a release of Paco. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! We ask that you would all visit Apaches Tribe blog and demand PACO'S release!!! Now I warn all of you my mommy Apache can be VERY stubborn so she may need some convincing. However, I am sure we can all convince her it is the best thing for Paco. Here is the blog address. Beasely's mommy still hasn't been able to help my mommy with the short cut thing so sorry about the long-cut

I am going to thank all of you in advance for you help in the release of Paco. Penny, Poppy & Patchs are awaiting his arrival to help get him better. They are great nurses but can't put their skills to work until poor poor Paco gets there!!!!

This is Willow signing out from the compound today, warning all of you Wheelies to "watch" your wheels. Big Nose-Pokes

Monday, August 18, 2008

Get ready for this!!!

Ok you all asked for a picture of Pilar naked. I also noticed that it was a few of our boy doggie friends that enquired about this the most. I thought I would consult mommy on this matter but I thought better of it and decided to do the deed anyway.. hahahahahahha.

This is a picture of us after we got our gift from Faya. We are trying on our bandannas. Pilar is so hairy that hers barley fits. Notice those ears. They are terrible!!!

Picture 1
She is very fluffy and hairy here. Just look at those paws! Yuck!!!

Picture 2

She is pouting in this picture and won't hold her head up for us at all. Sheeesh what a baby. I get this done all the time and I don't act like this. If you look closely you can see all the hair is gone. She has been scalped.

Picture 3

She has had enough of me, Willow, following her around with dads picture cell phone. She is trying to hide from me in the crate. I am following her EVERYWHERE!!! hahahahaha (now this is fun)

We keep trying to tell her that it is for her own good. She is NOT buying it. Oh well....

**************************************************************************** For those of you wondering what these bottles below are I will tell you. But please take a good look at them. We seem to have a problem around our group with fartin' paws! Now I don't have a problem with that. It (the fart) has saved me many a time. And.....when I don't have one available my boy Ty usually provides one for me on an emergency.
So my good pals Mr. T-Bone Beasely and Deetzy started bottling up their farts for REAL emergencies. We help each other out during those emergencies and send our "fart" bottles to one another so we can escape our pawrents to safety.
  1. Just farting way to much and you get kicked out of your comfy home and you need a place to crash.
  2. You get into some trouble and are put out for the night in the (Oh My Dawg...)the dawg house.
  3. Unlock a gate and go play at someone else's house for the day and scare the folks. (this could call for a 3 fart bottle emergency for some of us)
  4. You eat your moms bible, favorite pair of shoes, Wheely, kitchen table or the wall. (we will all send you fart bottles ASAP to get you out of your house for every ones safety!!)
  5. Your pawrents take a vacation without you. You are lonely and need a friend. We will take care of you.
  6. We understand that fart bottles will be needed for many things and the list will grow and grow.

Stay strong my friends. I will be passing these around to our friends. Let me know when you need them. We will send them for you. Right now our friend Howie needs them down in Texas. He is in Solitary Confinement for.....being to "farty" yep you read it right. So mine are all loaded and ready to go to Howie. Good luck with this and may the "Farts" be with us!!

This is Willow farting out at the Compound tonight. Letting you all know that there is never anything wrong with farting. Yes even if you are a girl. We girls have to fart tooo. My mommy would like me to call it "fluffing" but since my boy friends call it farting I said " no way , not gonna happen I need to hang with the boys mom!!!" so any other girls with me!!!!!?????
Front of Fart Bottle
Back of Fart Bottle


Ok so this is how my story goes. I didn't get to go to the blahBALL practise last Friday. I was not happy with my mommy. I was ready and prepared to preform for the hoomans even though I couldn't play with the blahBALL's. Do you know she had the nerve to smooch my nose, lock me up and say "not this time Willow it is too hot"! Too hot? No it wasn't!!!! So I cried and cried and she just left me there with Pilar and the cats! So I pouted like any princess would do.

We did have a good weekend, she made it up to me. We pulled weeds, plucked stuff from that garden that I am no longer allowed in. (Ok so I ate a few things, what's the big deal?) I ran circles around everyone. But still not one person played ball with me. What is up with that??? I tried to entice Pilar to a game of ball but she stuck her nose in the air and went for a run. However she went running in the wrong direction, AGAIN, so she had to go back in the house. teehee Will she ever learn??? I as usual was wonderful (mom here....Willow so not true you don't always behave). Ahhh mom this is my blog I say things as I see it!!! Anyway, we had a great weekend playing outside even though it didn't involve playing with balls.

Today is a new day and I am hopeful that my day will end with balls in it. We are getting ready to take Ty to "blahBALL" practise. Wish me luck that I actually get to go. I will report tomorrow on my luck or lack of luck.

This is Willow signing out from the Compound. Warning all of you to not trust those hoomans when they say you get to go bye-bye.

P.S. My mommy gave Pilar a hair cut yesterday. She is now naked. I didn't realize that Cavaliers were supposed to be naked?? Anyway, Jackson do we need to send you the hair for your naked spot???

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Please go by George's Blog or Monty's at Blog. (Sorry I am not good at this short cut thing.)
Today we are all remembering Violette, Monty's baby girl who died this week from a fall. Today is her funeral and her family is so very sad. You will see that a lot of us are using the color violet in remembrance of this precious little girl.
We are sending all kinds of prayers her family's way.

This is Willow, signing out from the Compound today with a heavy heart.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

FootBALL and me!!

Guess what! Mommy asked me "Willow do you want to go to football practise?" All I heard was blah blah blah BALL blah blah blah!!! So I grabbed my water, dish and leash. I beat everyone to the door. All I could think about was the BALL. It was a short drive and I was a bit confused because we were at my boys SCHOOL????

So there we were surrounded by a bajillion boys! BOYS!! I was not expecting this. I don't remember hearing boys with that ball question. Anyway, it was "draft" day so we found out who Ty's coach was. Boys and balls and hoomans were all going in a trajillion directions. My eyes were going well cross eyed. I looked at mom and said "WHERE ARE THE BALLS??"

Finally, there were the balls. I saw them and boy was I excited. I took off after one and didn't realize that mom was connected to me. No it wasn't good *sigh* seriously not good. All I could think about were those balls and it took all she had to stay on her two feet. But I still say it wasn't my fault those boys were throwing them and hey it is a ball and my job to get them......RIGHT?!$#

So off to the practise field we went to watch our boy. Oh I wanted to go play soooo bad but I couldn't. But I did do what us girls do best...... socialize! Yep I met a V-E-T!!! His son is on Ty's team. The little kids were actually nice and didn't poke me. The teenage girls loved on me and so did the other mommies.

OH MY DAWG you will never believe what I saw. A dog. Yes a real dog!!! Ok I saw 2 real dogs. Ok ok I live with Pilar but she doesn't count. I just couldn't believe my eyes and nose! One was a lab like Pee Wee but he was brown. The other was a Black Bouvier called Rufus. I almost fainted but mom said to stop with the drama already. (Talk about drama sheeeesh)

You would think that mom would have taken pictures with her cell phone but she was too busy chatting with all the other moms and was not interested in me. Imagine that!

Well that was my day. I have decided that football practise is not for me. It is hot, boring and I don't get to play with balls. I would rather stay home and chew my cow hoof. That is more exciting than watching the balls go by. a join in kind of girl.

This is Willow signing out from the Compound warning ALL of you to listen carefully to what your pawrents say. The hooman words can be tricky.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

THANKS for your support!

Daisy,Ally,Isaac,Ty and Blu


Hello my friends both 2 pawed and 4 pawed. We just couldn't have done it without all of you. Everyone was so great while my hooman family went away.....FAR away out west to see my 4 pawed mommy. Not to mention they all cheated on me with all those doggies. *Oh Willow this is not how we write a thank you post. I think you can take your complaint up with me after we post ok love!*
So sorry about that my friends, we are just glad they are home safe and sound. Not to mention they did bring gifts! Woohoo. Of course G-ma sent the gifts so she is the best. I am still mad at momma Apache for trying to still my kids. *WILLOW that is not what we are writing about.....focus, ya know like a camera. ya know like the one we don't have yet* Sorry mom I will get back on track here. So a big thanks especially goes out to the 3Pgirls, M&M siblings, Eduardo,Clover, Deetz, Griffendales, and Beasely. If I forgot your name in here just bite my human she is just going so slow. Yep she forgot someone I just know it. For good measure everyone I am just going to bite her, it's settled.
We love you all,
Willow and Pilar

Warning read below this line at your own risk!!!!
Ok so we were not that good while mommy was gone. Yep we did some reaalllly bad things. So I thought I would share a few of them with you all. I am looking for some support . I just hope Pilar and I are not the ONLY pups in the world who do these things. So here it goes:
  • We opened our crates a few times and escaped. Truth is I,Willow, opened the crates and we ran amuck throughout the house for the day. Pilar made her usual kind of mess but I went and snuggled down in the pawrents bed..
  • I kept sneaking out of our back gate. It seems I have a talent for reaching over the gate and opening the latch. I am a fast learner what can I say. Yep trouble was a brewin'
  • I wouldn't listen to dad about was scawry. I thought all living cweatures awe our fwiends. Boy was I wrong. Not only did I smell bad but it broke my heart.
  • Burrs!! Yep I have managed to really make my hoomans mad about those silly things. I was just chasing some silly little critter into a hole. I guess I have had them for a couple of weeks dad said. But he did try to get them out. (not a happy mommy) I was promptly told to stay away from that nasty beast. SIGH
  • I am ashamed to say but...I did a little counter surfing when they were gone.
  • Pilar just kept pee peeing everywhere. She thought our green carpet was the grass. Boy is mommy mad!!!

So we thought we would make up for our badness and help mom out with the bloggin. We know she has to catch up with so many of our friends. So we got busy, put on the proper secretary outfits and got busy. We hope we got all of you. Mom says she thinks we missed a few so it looks like we are back at the keyboard tomorrow. As you can see in the pictures, Pilar is a much better typist than I am. I am a much better dictator. teehee

Can you believe how hard we are working?? We think it is time for a cookie break.

This is a picture of me and daddy. No matter how much trouble I got into during the day he was always there to make it better for me when he got home. I have the bestest daddy in the whole world. Can you see how much he loves me? We did this a lot while mommy was gone. Woohoo for me!!!! Well this is Willow signing out for today. It is time for us to snuggle down for the night. Who know maybe mom might get some sleep!!! Tail wags to you all. Big smooches.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Finally....... my family is home!!!! So now I can finally show all of you my wonderful gift that Faya sent me.

She sent me the "PIG", puppy treats, a cool stuffy, froggy ball and these cool hat scarfs!!! Thanks Faya.

This is a picture of me and Ally with a box of all our cool stuff from Faya! Due to no camera.....hint hint dad. It is a little blurry. But I think you can see the booty we got!! Woohoo

Here is Pilar admiring MY pig. Hey Pilar don't get any ideas it is MY PIGGY!!!! Did you all know that this piggy makes a really cool noise. Dad said it sounds like a deer call! He better not get any ideas about my piggy either.

Well all is good in my world now that my family is home. I am content. I got to wake everyone at 7AM. Mom wasn't to happy about it but I just needed to let her know that she was home with ME. I had lots to tell her about my life while she was gone. We will share all of it with you!!!! Until later my pawed friends!!!
This is Willow signing out from the compound advising you all to keep your hoomans close and your piggy's closer.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My mommy is still on vacation.  Do you ever think she will come home?  It has almost been 3 weeks.  Thanks to everyone who keeps coming by to check on me.  Thanks for NOT being like my hoomans and bailing on my.  I seriously am going to make their lives miserable when they get home.  No lovin' for them.  I think I am going to POUT as long as I can.  That should teach them a lesson!!!!
This is Willow from the hoomanless compound signing out!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Mr Cracker Jack Griffendale

Hi everyone! Today I am writing about my friend Cracker Jack from the Griffendale's. Most of you know the Griffendales because they have 3 dales that live at their house. Their mommy and daddy helped out with the special dog "Sierra" by getting her to her new home.
Well....Mr. Cracker Jack had to have surgery today. He is a very loving, active, playful handsome Airedale. In saying that I will let mommy tell you what happened cuz I just don't get it:
*Mommy here, quick over view. Jack Jack was under foot in the kitchen after dinner. A corn cob was dropped and he ate it before anyone could grab it. He just wouldn't give it up so off to the doctor he went. He had surgery and is recovering well.*
Thanks mommy I get it now. His sister Lola Belle told me he was very bwave and didn't know what the big deal was. He just thought that was one more thing for him to chew on. He is such a wild and crazy guy. He is the house clown!! When Lola Belle called me I was scared becauwse she was bawking and bawking. She had to stay behind with Roy and boy was she mad!!!
Today is a better day at the Griffendale's. Jack Jack's surgery went good and he is at the hospital. We are sure he is getting lots of smooches from the staff. How could they resist him!!!
We are asking all our bloggy pals to send love and aire prayers to Jack Jack & his hoomans. They sure could use them right now. Please please don't forget to pray for Jackson. He still needs all your prayers too.

This is Willow signing out for today. Love to all of you and be safe!