Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at MY house!!

Hi everyone! See those presents....they aren't for me or Pilar. I tried to get under the tree to see if I could fit. But all I did was end up breaking Ally's ornament...her favorite kitty one. No Santa didn't bring me everything I wanted. I guess that is ok. I did however get a plate of all is forgiven!!
Pilar was put out by the whole darn Christmas thing. She would not let anyone take her picture! She would run and hide. Mommy was getting rather upset about the whole thing. But....she too got a plate of food. Just not as much as ME!!!

Do you see that smile on my mommy's face??? Guess what she got for Christmas??? Yep a camera!!! Everyone finally got tired of listening to her cry and whine about not having one so they pulled their pennies together and got her one!! She chased us all around the house yesterday playing with it. She took over 200 pictures!!! Daddy just shook his head at her and said "we created a monster...hide!!!" Daddy used some kind of delete button on a lot of them which made mommy unhappy. She said each one was a work of art!!! *whatever mom*
Well this is Willow signing out and saying Happy Holidays! Enjoy your food and gifts! Please...avoid human chocolate but eat lots of pie!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Ok I say "ENOUGH ALREADY" my mom needs to get over it!!! So life isn't fair and the snow sucks and we are stuck in Michigan for the holidays! Big deal......they have ME!!! Oh yeah and Pilar.
So the plan is...this: I wake her ever morning until I drive her crazy. I did get her to send out some cards....but darn her not all. Some more will be going out and I DID bite her just to let you all know. Ok so I have been nipping a little at everyone but hey if it gets them moving then it is ok.
Our update:
1. Pilar has lost weight. I guess this a big deal. Pilar is just mad she isn't getting extra snacks.
2. My kids and daddy are home all the time now due to some break. I sure hope they don't get into trouble for breaking something.
3. My mom says she has been doing a lot of retail therapy since her friend got back from Australia and hopes dad doesn't much.
4. It's been snowing.....a lot.
5. I LOVE THE SNOW!!! I get a rub down and blown dry after a good play date with my kids in the snow!!!
6. Nope the kitchen is not done but it is live able mom says.
7. I am getting Pilar's extra eatables. hahahahaha oh sorry that was rude.

Well that is all I have to report from the compound right now. Lots of licks to all of you. Try to stay warm if you are in the cold and dry if you are in the snow!
Big Smooches,
pee ess, Hello to all my new friends and followers. Thanks to all my friends for hanging with my mommy!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Ok.....I had to do a little get the card situation under paw. Don't worry it is all going well. Mom is filling out cards everyday. Now if I can just get her car and her to the post office you all may get them by the holidays.
WE GOT CARDS!!! I was so excited to see so many of my paw pals!!! Mom is on strike for everyone else but me and Pilar so she put up our cards!!!! Thanks everyone!
Big Smooches,