Sunday, March 29, 2009

Team Work...Airedale's Rule in my house.

Hi friends!  This is me and my teddy.  He is kind of like my security blankie ( ok I have one of those too).  Pilar and I had a rough go and playing with her and she sploded!  But don't worry the sewing kit was taken out quick and fixed by my loving humans.  I love them soooo much!

Ok here in Michigan, and George can back me on this, the weather has been crazy!!!  It is hot then cold then hot then cold.  Well this was a hot day... and Pilar had on her sweater.  She DEMANDED that I take it off of her.  So being the good and talented dale that I am I did.  I couldn't let my sister be hot....that would be just down right mean of me!

Well here it is...... the "sweater" you know the one.  Yep the one that Ally made her wear for the photo shoot with the pearls.  She was asking me to hide it or get rid of it.  I had to think long and hard about what needed to be done with this winter garb.  I was trying to think if I if needed to pass it along to anyone.  But.....

Playing with it was so much more fun.  We actually played tug-of-war with it.  We tried so hard to damage it.  The darn thing was indestructible. So it was washed and put away for next winter.  Poor Pilar.... maybe next year they will buy her something else.

Well this is Willow writing from the compound still pouting that mommy is gone.  Wishing you all well and big smoooches.  I have missed you all.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Checking in!!

Hi everyone! We are back today. We wanted to show you our wall of black and whites. This is part of the new decorating and kitchen building that is stillllll going on at our house. Remember all those pictures that our friend Teresa took for us back in the fall? Here is her work displayed all over the wall. Mommy says only black and white pictures can go up there. Grandma thinks she is silly because she doesn't like black and whites.... she says "they invited color so you can SEE the color" she just doesn't get mommy. On the far right you can see our cousin Issac he was at the beach!!
Now you see Pilar...we have a problem here. She is in my condo in front of MY dish. Yes she is looking for handouts and wants to eat from my dish. She just isn't getting it that she gets the little dish and I get the big dish. If she did...then I guess she wouldn't be on a diet!!!
So dad and I had to have another talk about Pilar getting into my stuff again. He told me that I was going to have to deal with or just sit on her. It seems I am to nice and let her "walk" all over me. She takes things right out of my mouth then goes into her condo and hides them then will get hers and proceed to her condo to eat hers. Ty said I should just beat her up. Ally says I should be more like mommy and just growl at her. I am just now sure what to do!!!
Big smooches to all of you. This is Willow signing out from the compound warning all of you to hang on to your bones so nopaw gets ahold of them and you are left boneless!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For Bogie & Mommy Lulu

We are sorry we have been absent for so long. We just wanted to say we will miss Bogies Daddy. Our love is with Bogie and his Mommy LuLu. If I could get on Ruby's plane and fly to you I would. I am sending smooches and love to you both.

big smooches,
Willow and her family