Sunday, June 29, 2008

Warning Labels!!!

Please look carefully at this picture my pawfriends! It may look like a bunch of toys....but it isn't. They are hoooman pup toys. AND sometimes in this box of toys things are put in there that just shouldn't be in there. Some of these items left in there can be weally weally bad for us puppies!!!
Now my boy pup usually closes his door and I can't go in his room (which I HATE). But he forgot one day and this is where my story begins.........

I will tell my story with a few stuffie friends. Over on the left we have Depp (yess named after Johnny due to my moms crush), next we have Not Named Airedale since he belongs to Grandma so we will refer to him as....NNA then we have my favorite stuffie in all the world....Mine! Yes that is his name get over it ok. Now lets move on!
For those of you familiar with these items you are gasping I know. Those of you who are not, well it is aseeema medication. My boy and mawm have it really really bad. This is all their booty.
I, like most terrors (fix that word mom) terriers, are shoppers. So I like to shop in my pups backpacks and toy boxes. The boy pup had a rreeaaallly old inhaler in his back pack that ended up in his TOY BOX. It was covered in all kinds of good stuff. Chocolate, candy, crackers and other things I just can't describe. YUM YUM Man did I hit the jackpot. So I decided I was going to chew on that thing and get the yummys off of it. Then out of nowhere that thing whistled at me, flew out of my mouth and across the room. It went one way and I went the other. I was so scared I ran and hid in the closet in mawmies room. Boy was I shaking and scared. Ok I had the shakes and jitters for the rest of the day. It was terrible. Mawmie told me I didn't have the aseeema so no more inhalers!!!!

Look into my eyes my friends! No Seriously look. I have a warning for all of you. There are warning labels on these things about the danger of them.....BUT THEY SAY NOTHING ABOUT THE DANGER OF CHEWING ON THEM!!!! Depp, NNA and Mine think I should have known better. They also told me I should have stayed out of other pawed ones toy boxes and pack packs. I disagree with that!!!! I figured if Baby Stan could take the spatula AND the bottom part of the dishwasher.....what would it hurt to shop in the pups room. Not to mention if my boy got to upset about it I would just ask Mango to come sit on him for awhile to calm him down. That would work.....wouldn't it. Oh and when you do Mango could you bring Hector because he looovvees Hector!!!

Finally at my own toy box. Depp, NNA and Mine have talked me into using my own toys today at least. I am a curious dale so it won't last long.

This is Willow reporting from the Compound and reminding all of you to please read labels (or have your hoomans do it)!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008's PaRtY time!!!

Apparently June seems to be a month of celebrations at our compound. We had one last week that brought many girls to our house! The girl pup had something called a "slumber" party. Now if any of you have been to one of these parties you will immediatly know there is NO slumbering going on!!!
Now my boy had to start the party with all these girls until he was rescued by one of his friends. When the knock at the door came for the rescue he zoomed passed me. I have never seen him move that fast!!! He never runs like that with me??? hmmmm He and I will HAVE to discuss this little problem!!!

There were many activities at this shin dig. We (yes I mean me too) played tag, had a treasure hunt, played games, ate and had s'mores!!! I got to have my own plate of food, as did Pilar. I knocked over that good tasting carbonated drink and had some of that too!!! But the best part was the ICE CREAM CAKE!! Now some of you may not agree with this choice and that is ok. Mom said "well it is a party and you have been sooooo good you can have some too!!!"

Now was the exciting part of this whole thing, well other than the treasure hunt. PRESENTS!!! Woohoo this was fun. I got to help and stick my snout into all of it. The good thing about being me my friends....nobody pushed me out of the way. Can you imagine what mom(and daddy) would have done if that would have happened???? Clearly I was participating with this so you can only see great booty shots of me. BTW, Ally got great gifts, but nobody brought ME ANYTHING!!! I find this hard to believe. However mom did get Pilar and me bully sticks.

Well as you all know all good parties must come to an end. Dad was ready for this party to end. He was tired after a game of night hide and go seek tag. Yep he was it so that meant I was it too. We came in and "fell" into the daddy chair and sent the girls to the basement. Slumber was far from their minds but not from ours. Mawmy stayed up but dad and I, being smart, snuck off to bed!!!!
I really hope this is the last celebration for the month of June, especially since not one of them has been for me.
Well this is Willow reporting from the Compound. Reminding you all that treasure hunts really are a treasure!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Greetings from Sadie!!

Sadie Rain
May 1995- October 2006

I am sure you out there in blog land are wondering who I am. Well I am Sadie Rain!! I was mama of the house for all the 4 pawed kids. I had a great life with my family and I treasured every minute with them. Now I watch them from the Rainbow Bridge. I was mom and dads original baby. Yep it was just us then it happened....the hooman pups came along. My job changed immediatly but my spot on their bed didn't.
I became very loved by all 4 of my hoomans and the feeling was mutual. I would be vewy vewy protective when my daddy was not home. I also had to babysit our hooman boy pup a lot. He was fast and curious. At 1 1/2 he could climb the fence so I would have jump it to take care of him. He never did get very far because I always barked and made a fuss then led him home. He would laugh and laugh. Mom and I always wondered who was going to have the 1st heartattack over that little guy. Our girl just dressed me up in doll clothes. She was easy, even painted my nails.
The sad day came when I was diagnosed with cancer. The promise was made years ago never to do any "heroics" as mom calls them. She worked for a vet and saw just to many sad things. So we went to see our friend the vet, who I really love. Not only was my family with me but my friends that I had known for years. My vet family you could say. Well it was time to say good-bye and it was pain free for me and off to the Rainbow Bridge I went.
Then I saw my family was grieving and so very sad. But, they all said NO MORE DOGS!!! I just couldn't believe what I was hearing, this couldn't be true. My hooman pups love doggies. So I had to get my friends up here at the Rainbow Bridge busy. We had to hatch a plan and make it work. We had to get a dog in that house immediatly!!!!! The tears had to stop. So we all got busy and guess who we found. WILLOW!!!
I check in on my family when I am not in the great big bird field chasing dove or quail. I just met my grandma here a few months ago. There was a big group of us who new she was coming to our side so we met her and boy was she happy to see us.
Willow has been a great therapy dog for my family. She is doing pawsome and their hearts are mending fine. Thank you to all of you for being her friend. She is a little young and still may need some guidance so thanks to all her bloggie friends for being so nice. You all are PAWSOME!! I may stop by every now and then to check up on her and my kiddos. This is Sadie Rain signing out for now, peace be with all of you and just know that at the Rainbow Bridge we get to eat snackies all the time and we don't get fat!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Layout

Hi every pawfriend! Oh yes and their hoomans! My mawmie is playing around with her blog today. She got tired of seeing color on the sides so....she hunted around and found this template. She still adores Georgie's but this will have to do for now. Mawm thinks there needs to be an Airedale chasing kitties background template!!! Teehee Or a Kitty chasing an Airedale, depending on the mood of the kitty of course!!
It has finally warmed up here in Michigan. Ok not a lot but at least the sun is shining and my silly hoooman pups are in the pool. Mawm says that they are crazy! I am waiting for my pool to show up. Grandma (from over at Apaches Tribe) talked to my mawmie and said "Get my grandawgs Willow and Pilar a pool....STAT!!!" So of course she will mind my grandma, heck who doesn't mind grandmas when they say STAT!!!! Nope no idea what STAT means but mawmie says she is going to get us one pronto! Besides so many of you have them now I am beginning to get jealous and that just can't happen. I tend to pout when I am jealous and mawmie hates POUTING!!!
Teak and Maiz are at it this morning! They won't let us dawggies on the bed with mawmie. Poor mawmie has been "under the weather" so we all want to be on the bed with her. Teak gives us all a big hissin' NO with a paw slap. Mawmie promptly puts him under the covers so the rest of us can get up there and do some snuggle time with her. Mawmie calls it snuggle buggin! I promise I don't have any bugs so I don't know why she calls it that.
Well I need to do some more of that snuggle buggin' with my mawmie to help her feel better. This is Willow....the Compound tattle tail....ooops I mean REPORTER signing out for now!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sirens and Storms and KIDS....oh My!!!!

Last all started out as an innocent day! The sun was shinning, my hoomans were happy and all was well in our world. My pups got an invite to go wake boarding on the lake with their friends. They got the big A-OK from my mom and dad! Woohoo I had them all to myself!! Oh what joy we had just hanging out and cuddling and playing and snoozing until..........MOM decided they needed to go to the evil WAL-MART!!!

This along with many others started going off all around the county while mom and dad were in Wal-Mart!! They were just minding their own business when they were forced to go back to shoes and crafts for safety!!!! They had locked them in, there was no way out!!! They were frantic! Can any of you guess why??? OUR PUPS WERE ON THE LAKE!!!!!!!! Our pups are only 10 & 12!!! Mom said dad looked like the guy from the cell phone commercial with phones at both ears.....ya know the one "can you hear me now?" He was pacing around our "safety" area trying to get in touch with our pups friends. Actually he just wanted to talk to anyone!!!!!!! Mom was sitting on the floor praying (but she said she knew we were all ok) !!! They were in lock down for ONE HOUR!!!
THE SCOOP FROM THE PUPS SIDE: Now don't get scared all you hoomans out there cuz some parts can get scary. Don't worry our hooman pups were VERY smart AND brave. Where they were "wake" boarding, tubing and boating having a great time as always. Our pups love the water. When on the lake it is hard to hear those sirens and this storm came upon us FAST!!! The scene.....3 adults...4 kids....1 boat.....1 big big lake......1 ginormous storm with high winds!!
As soon as the adults saw the situation they got as close to shore as possible 10 feet or so, and had the kids jump to safety to the J-mans house. They swam with all their might & got to the outer room of his house. Ooops it was a hot tub room (are you scared yet?) full of windows. All the doors to the house were LOCKED!! So my girl pup decided that the hot tub was empty and they would get in that with the cover over it!!! Just then my girl, boy and their friend saw THE WAKE BOARD outside in the storm so they ran out to "rescue" it!!! Silly pups. As soon as they did and got back in the room a ginormous and I mean ginormous tree fell right where they were STANDING!!! {SIDE NOTE AGES OF THE KIDS 12, 10,10 & 7} My pups decided they HAD to find a way in that house, remember all doors are locked. The boy pups found a door flung wide OPEN, that wasn't open before. Yes it was still locked and no there were NO windows open in the house. Finally they were in shelter and stayed safe until it was over and the adults could get to them. Their friends' parents got caught on the lake trying to get the boat out of the water. Everyone ended up safe. Oh yes there really is SO SO much more we could tell you but it makes mawmy nervous to talk about it. So we will stop here! No parent had a heart attack but panic attacks were had by the moms!!!!
This is what happened down the street from where my pups were. The house is a few blocks over. The tree is in another area but it is an example of the tree that fell in the yard where my pups were standing! Thank you for hanging in there with me while I told you our scary story!!

This is Willow your friendly news reporter signing out for today!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Checking in with Mackinac IsLanD!!

Hi everyone! Ok ok so I am not in ANY of these pictures and I hope that is ok. But I wanted to share these with you all. My male pup went on a 3 dale field trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan. Due to us living in Michigan and all. This first picture is of Arch Rock. Isn't it cool. It is at the top of the Island.

This one my mommy pup Ty sitting in a field of flowers. They took it especially for her. She stayed behind since she went on this trip with my girl Ally a few years ago.

Ok this is of an old Saw case you couldn't tell by the saw and all. Nope it isn't on the island but close to it so mommy stuck it in there because she said that place rocks!! They do cool things there.

Well here it is..MACKINAC ISLAND. Isn't it spelled weird? We think so too. They have the best fudge in ALL the world and if you don't believe us you should go there or get on the net and find Ryba's fudge shop. Yum Yum. They have the best maple nut fudge! Since mom helped plan the trip for 2 years now she got over 2 pounds of fudge from the 4th grade class. NO SHE DID NOT SHARE!!! This island still uses horses and buggies. They still haven't progressed to the automobile yet. However.....they do use bicycles. The graduation class for 2012 is going to be.............1 so far. That was when my girl Ally went a few years ago so it could have changed. There is only one way on this island and one way off, yep you guessed it a Ferry. Mommy says or you can swim but I don't think my puppy legs could do it, that is a long cold swim. The Grand Hotel has yumdelious food. Our schools 4th grade class goes every year for their social studies trip. Aren't they the luckiest kids ever???
So we will end here. We hope you enjoyed our short trip to Mackinac Island with us. I am sure our other Michigan friends can tell you lots more. But we wanted to share our pups trip with all of you. This Is Willow your tour guide signing out for today!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gosh...More about little ole ME!!!

My new friend George tagged me, saaweeeeet! The rules are that you have to list 7 ways that you are useful, so here goes...

1. I am guard of the computer chair so nobody steals it from my mawm (this is vewy vewy important at our house!!

2. Co-pilot and radio boss for the cars since the kiddos try to take over when they are with us.

3. I can be used as a walker....I like to walk between your legs as you are walking. This is a big job and I am good at it!!! I even sit between your legs while you are standing!!!!!

4. I am the offical floor cleaner of the house both inside and out. Where there is food there is ME!! No need for MR.CLEAN when you have MISS WILLOW!!!

5. The minder of the stuffies of the house, whether they belong to me or NOT!!

6. I am a personal trainer! I do this by making my mawmy open the revolving door for me to go outside, seek me when I hide, fill the never ending water dish, play with me, sleep with me ohh I think you all get the point!!

7. I entertain the household at all costs! Even if I have to get others (or me) in trouble thats ok, as long as they laugh it's all goooood!!!!

Hmm I am just not sure who to tag. I know I want to tag my buddy Dawson, Candi and my friend Willow (Noah's sister).

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Music and Me do you know if you like it or not? Well I do......just not my girls clarinet. Why you ask? I don't know, seriously I don't know. She has gotten really good this past year but there is just something about it that bothers me. I find that loud thing facinating and I like to check it out when I can. I like to sing along with it too. Sometimes I even bark along with it OR at it. I just depends on my mood.

This is a session of me and my girl. We hope you like it. Really it isn't very long but you will get our point of how I feel about the whole thing.

This is Willow the music critic signing out!!