Friday, October 24, 2008


No thanks to mommy that is. Can you believe she has been away for so long? Well I can't and it just isn't right. My house is still broken and she will add pictures of that on the weekend. She got a few of me in trying to help in Allyson's room but on got the boot. It would have gone faster had they let me paint!
Grandpa left. :(( He was a great buddy. Everyone here likes to sleep in but not him. We were both up early, drinking coffee and rocking on the porch swing. Ok ok he did get mad at me one day for drinking all his coffee. But hey he put in on the ground. What else was I supposed to do? I love the java!!! Ok he panicked a little too wondering how mommy would react being that I am the baby and all.
As most of you know we got our photo session pictures in. There may be more but these are the free ones we get to choose from. Two of them are on this page. Mom will slowly put the others on the site. Actually the one with mom and me isn't one she liked but dad insisted. :(( moms frown not mine.
We hope you are all doing well. I am just happy mommy didn't fly out to New Mexico to help with the baby dales like she was going to. But my sister is sick so she had to stay put! Maybe in a month! They are adorable.
signing out from the Compound for today....Willow

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photo Session is done!`
Hi everypaw! above is the link to my photo session! I hope you like the pictures.

Sorry we are MIA but grandpa is here.`

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday...

Hi everyone it is me Melitta now I know it has been some time since you have all heard from me so I thought I better report in. Mom found some adventures of me locked away in my sisters cell phone that she didn't even know were there!! So she uploaded the pictures and here is one weeks worth. Oh trust me she just put a few up from this adventure. Ally, Ty, Willow and I had a great time checking out the garden and romping through the yard. Those kids are crazy.....and that Willow....I just don't know what to say about her. Well I can say this: SHE DIDN'T TRY TO MURDER ME LIKE HER MOMMY DID TO PIERE AND PACO!!! So my Willow rocks! Let me walk you through our adventure!!

Here I am on what they call "The Great Pumpkin" and I am queen of the world!!! It may look little here but it did get big!!!
Poor Willow had to stay on the other side of the fence because the "folks" were not out there with us. But I am on a watermelon. Do you see her whispering in my ear? She was telling me to get it closer to the fence so she could grab it a run off with it for "us"! Some how I didn't think the "us" really meant ME.
Ok I am in a jungle of green here! This stuff is call swiss chard? My humans love this stuff. Ty says it is the best stuff in the world! Nana taught my mommy how to make it a long time ago. Mom make bunches and bunches of it then froze it for winter time. *ignore the weeds*

This is the best part my friends!!! This is how we got to and from the garden!!! Yes this is where I got to ride so I could see the WORLD from our back yard! When daddy is home we use the big tractor but when it is just the kids this is "their" tractor. Aren't they inventive. They didn't harvest much that day because they were tooo busy showing me around.

Thanks for grooving with me today my friends. Next week we will go the broken McDonalds where mom is yet again having a fit about all the broken stuff around her. Boy does she need some chill pills.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lions and Tigers and FLEAS

Fleas....this girl has fleas!!! Mommy is not happy with this situation at all!!! You see I don't have them....hmmmmm. Mommy was holding Pilar the other night and saw IT!!! She freaked, she hates those things. We have never had those things b4. Grrrrr When mommy worked at the vet she saw people come in all the time asking for "help" with fleas and would feel so bad for them. We got our medicine for those did this happen. Mommy says it was because Pilar was out gallivanting across the street with the flea and tick ridden neighbor dog. *That is why she can't be trust....that running off thing*
So mommy is going to dunk her and the house and clip her. Oh no wait....she can't find the clippers....tee hee....we think daddy threw them away on accident. hahahahahaha So I guess that means off to the groomers she goes. HAHAHAHAHAHA Wait.......does that mean I have to go to??? Mommy...........
I gonna go help find those clippers!!

Mommy here, just wanted to say thank you to everyone for coming by and checking on us! We are still so sad about Miz Greta. The puppies are doing fine and Pepper is being a great "mommy" to them. We appreciate each and everyone of you!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sad news at Apache's Tribe


This is a picture of Gretta with my kids. Taken at my uncle's house a few years ago.
Today we come to our blog with a very very heavy heart. Most of you are familiar with Apache's tribe.....most of you are familiar with Gretta. Gretta just had 12 beautiful puppies. After the puppies were born she became ill. Oh everything was done to save Miz Gretta....but she passed over to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. Leaving behind 12 babies, one devastated mommy, a blown away sister and a house full of sad Dales.
I know my Aunt Gretta is being greeted by my Sadie, Asta Miles, Marcie Girl and so many others that went before her in our family. But this still hurts the same. You will be missed Miz Gretta Gucci....may you rest in peace our sweet one!

We love you,

Willow, Pilar,Teak,Maiz,the Lizards and our hoomans whose eyes are leaking without stop!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My House is getting BROKEN!!

Hi pals!!! I am beginning to understand how Mango and PeeWee felt when their howse was broken and being put back together. My pawrents are breaking my kitchen!!!! I want to help but they just won't let me. I keep getting sent to my kennel, my yard or to mommy's room. Rumor has they are going to break the wall down next. I wonder if they will let me help then!!!! Mommy is a nervous wreck. I begged daddy to let me take her place! No pictures yet....just something called stress.
So now for my can go to Teresa's blog and see more pictures of me. Mommy says I am even smiling in one. In one of the pictures I actually stole the blahball from my boy and took off. Nah he never caught me!!!
So here it is I hope you all like them. If you can't make it there let mom know.

Big smooches,
Mom says she promises to catch up with everyone! So sorry she is being neglectful. Bad mom.