Friday, January 23, 2009

Wii Fit & My girl

Of course it was bed time! Ally was just taking up too much of the bed. They still didn't get those full mattresses yet!! So...Ally took the cushions from the couch and made me a bed. Now if I could just get her to scoot over a little more!! Now here I am....sitting....thinking....and pondering what to do. One Wii, one boy, 2 girls and one Willow. Hmmmm how was I going to make this work. I needed a plan and a good one.
At last I did. It was great! Every time a person got on the Wii fit i would lay a paw on it or my tail. They didn't take notice. So I had to take drastic measures...I laid on it while they were playing. Yes that is me with my head on the board getting told to leave...NOW!! As you all can see I am not budging. Plus she was doing much better with my help....poor girl. They need to make me my own character because I have seen some of these humans play and let me just say friends....we are soooo much better than they are!

My girl got on and gave me that look "you do it and you will get busted all the way to the kennel." So off I went in search of a cat. Hey at least I am bigger and they can't complain right! So I found Teak and Daddy, they had foodables so life was good.

Friends, we are so happy to finally be coming back. Things are still a little sad. Mommy & Daddy's friend died this week. Yes same community and everyone new each other. But everyone is pulling together for both families and it makes our hearts feel so happy. So much must be done over the next month that we will be popping in and off just to say hi to some of our friends. Please don't think we have bailed on you. You are all very important to us. You and your humans have gotten us through our rough patches. When mommy couldn't sleep because of the sadness she would get on and just read about our blog families. She said she is sorry she didn't write but will start again soon. My sister promises to start helping me out with the typing since my mommy has so much going on. She said to please forgive her spelling (we told her there is spell check) and that she isn't funny. I think she is sweet and kind. She is workable.
Well this is Willow checking out from the compound tonight. Wishing you all love slobbers, licks, nibbles, puppy slams and cold nose pokes. Without these things life would be boring. Much love and BIG SMOOCHES TO ALL......Willow and her compound.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sad News.

Hi everyone. Do you see me hiding behind my daddy? Well...we won't be around again for about a week or so. My boys friend was killed in a snowmobile accident on Friday. He was 11 and all of our hearts are broken. They have played ball together and been in the same class since kindergarten. My parents are friends with his parents. You see we live in a small town so this has been hard on all our humans. In the middle of the night we all got on the horn with each other and came up with a plan to be extra loving and good to our humans. I will keep you all posted on how my boy is doing. Mommy is going to be sticking pretty close to him so she sends her love to you all.
Lots of licks and hugs, Willow

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Tree...Come take a peek!


Hi everyone! Happy Holidays from everyone here at the compound!!! Thank you all for the most thoughtful and beautiful cards and pictures. My kiddos were jealous that I got more cards then they did. tee hee

So what we (me and mommy) came up with for New Years is kind of cool. WE took off all the decorations and put up all our Dog With Blog friends cards to redecorate it. A good time was had by all. We hope you enjoy it. Is was having fun playing with her new camera. I might add that she is NOT letting anyone touch.....

I am off to bed for the night. Happy puppy, kitty and hammy dreams