Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blue, my hooman friend, Tagged me!!!

Our friend Blue said......

Mutterings'.Each week, host, subliminal.lunanina, lists 10 words; you just have to say, what ever pops into your head for each one. I've noted, you don't even, have to keep it to a single response. It's all about having fun with free word association; which supposedly, tells a lot about, what's going on inside ones brain!Mmm!Do you really want to know??? There's no rules; no right or wrong answers!

Mawm and I are going to do this together. This should be fun because we NEVER know what is going to pop out of mawms brain!!! Ready.....set.....go....

LAUNDRY:: A never ending mass of clothes for mom to drudge her way through daily!

RUBBER DUCKY:: I, Willow, have a pink one that I love to drive my hoomans crazy with!

STARBUCKS:: Please no foam or whip. It's just that simple right? Right?

COMPUTERS:: Necessary evil, helpful, slow, brain freeze, yummy cords to chew, updating my bloggie.

BIRDS:: love to chase them, will catch them one day, forget myself and leave the yard to chase them

LIZARDS:: my pups have 4....they never let me near them....wonder why that is?

ICE CREAM CAKE:: yummy, cold, tasty, one piece is never enough....must find more

CAR RIDES:: Windows down, never up! Must go through McDonalds before heading home.

TELEPHONES:: mom, pink, on it way to much!!!!!

SHOPPING:: PetCo, PetSmart, Pet anything I am there. Or McDonalds!

There were actually 2 tags but I just did the one! Booh to my typist!!! She is no fun!! Now we are going to tag pups! However.....we have a problem with putting the names so they go right to their blog. (We hope we can see Beasely's mom when we are out west and she can help us.) Ok there is no other way to say this, they are LEAVING ME BEHIND.!!! Oh I am sorry I am going off on a tangent aren't I. Back to who I am going to tag...let's see. Moco(smooches), Bolo(snuggles) and Blu Loo Loo(slurps). Now if anyone else wants to do this just let me know and we can get you started. This is the beginning of it...I think!!

15 dale snaps:

Gaia the Airedale said...

hehe that was cute Willow and Willows mommy! Petco and Petsmart are both good, I prefere Petsmart though. Ive never had McDonalds before! Ive smelt yummy breakfast wrappers in my moms car trash though hehe sneaky girl!

puppy breath,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Wow, Willow..ya did a fab job on that postie!!!!! We love word association games...here's one for ya...

Scruffy:: white, farts alot, bad breath, catches frisbees, wimpy, catches flies, chases cars....yeppers that's Scruff!

Hey...Babystan lived at college with Big Bruvver this last semester. That was till the day he chewed up a lighter and blew the thing up in his mouth. Babystan sorta lives on the edge, doesn't he?????

Um...he THINKS he saved my life. I can't help my bottom half wouldn't float that day....

Barkin' at ya Willow...hey Willow...when you were at our houseie helpin' to take care of Stuffie Stan ya stole an impressive number of things off of our black countertops...cuz Mumsie couldn't see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That countercamo was brilliant, just brilliant!


Moco said...

We will do our best with your tag. We are so glad that you did not have ill effects from chewing on the inhaler.
Dawson loves his squeaky hot dog. He plays with it all the time.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh I'm scared of lizards..
Great answers on your tag. :)

~ Girl girl

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

You should totally come see me and my human when you come out west! She likes Starbucks too! I prefer water myself. But I like beer too, I found out on accident...the human wasn't too happy, but o-well!

Anyway! To link the names in your blog all you gotta do is highlight the name that you are trying to link. Then copy the address of the link you are copying...then in the draft of your blog click on the little globe looking thing with arrows and copy the address of the blog...

Ack, that may not have made sense! My human will show you if we get to see you. But, I really think you should try to fenaggle your way to AZ...we need to play some serious bitey face!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Blue said...

Hi there!

Well, you played a neat word game, even though that wasn't actually meant to be a tag, but will love watching how it runs.
I aways enjoying playing tags, so remember me when you have another one to pass on - LOL!

The photo collage was game I really tagged you for & meant to, come over & say that you don't need a Flickr account to use the photo's there.
I copied public photo's from the site long before I opened an account to get access to the Welsh Terrier groups I belong to's chat forum.
But, don't be hard on your typist, this game looks time consumming.

Pats & pets

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Great job, Willow and Willow's mawmie! Our personal secretary doesn't know how to do that linking thing either. She's lucky she knows how to do a blog post!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Deetz said...

Just stopped by to wish you a happy 4th of july and hope the noise is not scary for you

George the Pup said...

That was a cool meme - how fun!

Maggie & Mitch said...

Great answers, Willow! We've never seen a lizard before!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Chef said...

Hey Willow. Just stopped by to see if you received your package from Herby for the Goody Exchange. I'm trying to wrap it up and I wouldn't want to leave anyone out of the album.


Tenkiller Airedales said...

Blu Loo Loo here... Huh? What do I do??? If my hooman mommy and/or mommy Apache "catch" me remotely close to the 'puter..... I'm in DEEP doo-doo!!! You better tell me what to do... I want to play too...

Love ya Willow,
Slurps.... Blu Loo Loo

the 4 Bs said...

that was a good word game, we really like shopping too. do you get to play with the pet lizards?


Clover said...

Hi Willow!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! We are running out the door now, but we wanted to say hello and we are going to stop back in to check on you. It sounds like we have a lot in common - I love making friends and my mom LOVES starbucks!
I am going to add you to my links, ok?
Love Clover xo

Kodiak Grandson Falcon said...

Thanks for dropping in and reading my story. Mom is working on another story that happened on Skull Island.It is also scary.
HUGS & xxx