Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mommy the Traitor!!

Hi everyone! I guess you have all noticed that I have not been on of late to tell you all of my latest "tails" so to speak!
As you can see from this picture my mommy is off in New Mexico being a traitor!!! My human grandma is up to her elbows in puppies. They are currently waiting for my mommy Apache to have her babies. Can you imagine 16-18 Airedale puppies in one house? First time momma Taradale is having a litttlllee trouble feeding her babies. It is turning into a 24/7 job for my mommy and grandma. (Glad I am not there because I wouldn't get ANY attention)
That is mommy on phone asking about ME believe it or not! I thought she might have forgotten about me.
I got angry at my family today. They had the nerve to play with me this morning, get me all excited then CRATE me so they could go to school and work. Yeah!!! I was thinking the same thing you are my friends. Not working for me! So when they got home I had a BIG surprise waiting for them. I chewed, tore and all around destroyed my birthday pillow. Now you would think it would just be kept between those of us here in Michigan right? Oh no they had to call mommy and tattle on me. You guessed it. She freaked when my girl told her the zipper was missing!! I hid it I didn't eat it like mommy thought. So on the phone mommy was to daddy then the drama unfolded. (mommy is kind of like that, she used to work for a vet & has horror stories) Daddy got the whole story and calmed mommy down. Those kids. I am seriously considering hiding one of their webkinz for telling on me to mommy.
My boy and I played basketball the other day but he didn't share the ball to well so I decided I would go in search of my own ball. As you can all guess that didn't work to well either. Sister found me at the neighbors but I pretended I didn't see her OR hear her and ran really fast to the other side of the house and beat her to the door. I think I won since I beat her to the door.
Well my friends I must go. Please take care, be well and Mr. T buckle up and be safe. Those Phoenix drivers are crazy from what I hear. Mommy was just in Tucson & she said they are just as bad.
airedale kiss to all,

3 dale snaps:

Maggie & Mitch said...

How exciting to hear about all these puppies! We wanna see more pictures of them!
Bummer about your pillow being destroyed! We understand about puppy frustration, don't we Mitch!
Thanks for the update, Willow! We missed you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Thanks Willow! time you should come with your mom to Tucson...and maybe all of us dales can meet up and play!

Or if you come to Phoenix I can take you to the best dog park ever!!!!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Penny & Poppy said...

Poor Willow...they've got a lot of nerve leaving you in the crate. We're sure glad you didn't eat the zipper! What a cute bunch of puppies! They would put our mom into the "zone". She LOVES puppies...especially tiny 'dales!

Poppy & Penny