Monday, May 19, 2008

And then it went BAD!!

(My sissy is #2 on the court)
So I was like so excited that we had such an exciting day yesterday day that I forgot myself. I admit it really I do. I got to spend the day outdoors with my daddy. I got to garden, mow and dig a fire pit for our summer bon fires!!! Yes he let me help dig, even guided me where to dig. He said "Willow, this is the ONLY place you can dig!" I was diggin' with joy!

I took off while my dad wasn't looking. But not far so don't worry. I wanted my girl to come home of course so next door I want and peeked in their door. There she sat, we met eyes and we both new what I wanted!! Yep food! Now please don't think I am a slave to my tummy but it was a hard days work and all. Not to mention dinner time. So being the good sister she is, she took me home ( I love my hooman sissy)!!!

Ok here is where things go weally weally bad. Younger pawed ones may not want to read passed here. WARNING!!! WARNING!!! Plates for dinner were being made, even ours. Off to eat we(Pilar and I) went. Since everyone was so tired from a hard day of working it was a in front of the TV eating kind of night. Except for mommy who ate at the table. Yep you guessed it. Pilar talked me into counter surfin for the turkey that daddy made. make a long story short I got busted by mommy, ran fast to sissy, then caught by daddy, retrieved by mommy then plowed her down. She went one way with feet in the air while I went the other just trying to find a "safe" place, only to realize THERE WASN'T ONE!!! By this time daddy was in the air like superman and got me and put me in the batcave where I stayed the rest of the night! (Pilar got put in her mini batcave too) So here is to all of you who are more successful at counter surfin than I am. SEND ME YOUR SECRET!!! I will be leavin' the batcave soon. Fear not my friends life will return to normal....I hope. In the mean time enjoy these pictures. Nope no new camera just from the cell phone.

This is Willow the bad Surfer signin' out!

10 dale snaps:

Penny & Poppy said...

Willow, the idea of countersurfing is NOT to get caught! I once ate a whole pound of gummy worms and didn't get caught! They only suspect it was me 'cause they never even found the plastic bag the wormies were in. Dad thought Mom ate them and Mom thought Dad ate them. Once they discussed it, they started looking at ME! They told me that they hoped I at least shared with Penny. I'm not telling!

Poppy & Penny (the non-gummy worm eater)

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Willow! I hate being forced into the bat cave! I only ever want to be there by my own choice! When you figure out the art to counter surfing, I need you to help me. Right now I've become a great wafter, but that's about it!

Also, guess what!!!! Your collar is on the way! I can't wait 'till you get it! Now you don't have to work on her shoes!!!! Hehehe, I like to match my human with collars. The woman who makes these collars is going to send you her card so you can see all the greatness that she makes! She even asked for a picture of me to put on her page! I'm gonna be so famous! Watch out world!!!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Maggie & Mitch said...

Darn, Willow - too bad you had to get caught! Mitch and I aren't countersurfers! Mitch tried that when he first came to live with us and mom put him in his place in no uncertain terms and he hasn't tried it again! The batcave sure sounds like a dark and scary place to be! We hope you don't end up having nightmares!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Candi said...

Willow i'm really sorry but i don't even know how to countersurf yet.. but i sure would like to know so i could get some practise in. Your sis is really fit running about like that.

just in case you's didn't see the message i tagged you and Pilar to play the Japanese name game.

lots of licks


Deetz said...

Awe, Countersurfing...I used to get caught alll the I wait until they are in the other room, out of site...then really really quietly I place the paws on the counter and slowly ease my way down it searching for goodies...Listen real close and you can hear them coming...sometimes they come so fast there is a vibration in the floor and you can feel it...then, don't run just sit down, like you are being a good boy.

Candi said...

Hi Willow & Pilar, theres is a wee surprise for both of you's at my site.. check out my post good friends.

lots of licks


Deetz said...

By Willow, I have to go on vacation now with my mum and entertain her all week.....
Be back soon

Stanley said...

Ahhh, Willow Girl!

It was only your first attempt. Let me tell you, counter surfing is an ARTform and takes some practice.

I was not allowed to countersurf in my first home, and haven't dared to try it here, but word on the street is that it can be done... it's only a matter of timing.

I hope you actually got to ingest some of that turkey. You deserved it for all the digging you did, girl!

Goober love & smooches,

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Counter surfing! Humans don't like that very much. No wonder you had to go to your bat cave. But you got to help dig a fire pit, that's pretty special.

Levi's mom

Liss said...


Thanks for visiting our blog. Hello from Nixon, Fatty and Herbie.

Herbie says: I can't believe how much your cat brothers lookl like mine. [Snort] I thought for a min. they had moved in with you.

Nixon and Fatty both agree that your cats are beautiful! ;)