Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hi Willow here!  Above are pictures of my pawrents and kids white water rafting in Colorado last summer.  I am not sure this was to smart of my humans because it looks like my kids couldn't stay in that floaty thing!  They used to never leave me before my sissy came along but now they do!  They just told me that they got a house sitter for us and will be going on another adventure like this again this summer.  They said we can't go again  *BIG AIRESIGH*!!!  My auntie Sarah will be staying with us and she is my favorite so I guess that will be fine.  I found out mommies laptop is broke and all my recent photo shoots are stuck inside there!  I will have her take pictures this weekend and post some of me and Ember!
Mango I am a good big sister but I do tend to get a little impatient with Ember and her silliness, how do you do it?  I am happy to be back and can't wait to catch up with all of my friends!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hi friends sorry it has been awhile since we have been on here!  Our life has been so crazy with my kids growing up, mommy going to school and most of all the puppy we got that is almost two now.  Do you remember her?  She has kept me company with all the craziness but she sure does keep me busy.  Mommy says I have changed too.  Not sure what she means by that, maybe it is because I bark now and I never used to.  Hmmmm didn't know that was a bad thing.  My girl turns 16 on Saturday and promises us lots of bye bye trips in our future so be on the look out for those pictures because she is now a photog from mommy says.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My new sister Ember!

Please meet my new sister Ember. She is about 7 months old now and is a lot of fun. I didn't realize that I like having a sister my own size to play with. She is still learning how to behave and loves to jump the fence but is learning that that is a big NO-NO!!
My humans are very busy so they thought I needed a companion since Pilar is no longer with us. No she didn't cross over the bridge, she went to go live with another family that has 3 Cavaliers because she was not happy being alone so much. She is so happy now with her new home. We hope you are all doing great and will post pictures soon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hi everyone! Just a quick note from me....Willow the Black Dale! Things are calming down here in Michigan and everyone is smiling again! Mummy took the kids on a vacation and a good time was had by all.
Mummy is working still and going to school and taking care of us! I am one happy Dale! Pilar is happy too but still is managing to get into the trash every chance she gets!!! That is not going over well. We miss all of you and we promise to give you picture updates of me and Pilar very soon. We are going up to Higgins Lake to go camping in a few weeks and should have lots of pictures to share!!!
Big smooches to everyone....Willow and the gang

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hi guys!

Hi everyone! Here Pilar and I are posing for the camera! This was taken at Christmas and we were both very happy!! We spent Christmas together and we all our humans! Our kids were very excited about their gifts.

As you can tell here nobody would let me play with the new presents so I thought I would try and talk my mum into letting me have some of that candy but she said "no no.....pups can't have chocolate!" Then my grandma gave us our presents!! Lots and lots of treats!
We are all hanging in there and doing ok. Mom is going to school full-time and working nights. She has a few jobs so she is pretty tired. But she manages to be happy and do a lot of snuggling with us. It is very difficult to rent around here since nobody wants to let me live in their place cuz I seem to be too big! I mean come on....Mango now that is big I am not so big. I was thinking of having Mango go visit them and show them what BIG really is then they would lighten up a bit!! What do ya think Mango? So it looks like my mum is trying to buy a place! Thank you everyone for your concern. Mom wishes she could be on here more and misses everyone!
love from Willow and Pilar

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well!!! Pilar and I are doing much better!!! As you can tell I am snuggling with my girl. We are so excited it is the winter break because now we have our kids all to ourselves!!! We get to spend a lot of time with mommy too!!!
There isn't much snow but that is ok....if you remember my mommy doesn't like snow to much. Pilar is doing better about going outside with me too. We have a new friend that lives next door...his name is Sunny. We play at the fence and run up and down barking and playing. He is a small dog so when we meet outside the fence he is scared of me! I just don't get it!! Pilar isn't afraid of me!?!? I will have my girl take a picture of him and post it!!! We will try to post soon and we love all of you!!!
Willow and Pilar

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Still NO Pictures

Hi everyone! No pictures but I thought I would stop by and give everyone a quick update on the compound. I am much happier since I get my mommy to myself a lot now. Pilar has been very very bad. She has forgotten where to go potty and uses the basement as her pottyland. My kitties run through the house at night waking daddy, I think they are mad cuz mom isn't here. Everyone is happy and doing good. Mommy started school and is really busy with that. I asked her if I could start school with her but but she said I couldn't. I even gave her my pleading "dale" eyes and it didn't work. I am still trying to figure out another approach so I can go to school too! Mom sends her love to everyone and wants you all to know she is thinking about you and can't wait to catch up! Grandma gave her a computer so now she has to figure out how to upload her pictures from her camera on it. Just one more thing for her to play with. Thanks grandma for the computer.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Missing Mom

Hi everyone! It is August and still no mom. Pilar and I are heartbroken. Ally says this all sucks and is really mad. Ty still plays with us. So I bet you are all wondering just where the heck my mom is. It is a sad sad story so I will just tail you the short version. The daddy wants something called a divorce and won't let mommy come home or see any of us. He pulled a fast one on her. They keep going to this thing called court....I keep thinking it is a basketball court like when Ty plays but he keeps telling me it is not. He says it isn't a fun court but a big people court. Where mommy is living she can't have 4 paws so she is looking for a plays that we can live with her too. It is so sad around here, Ty hides, Ally cries, Pilar barkes and eats all the cats food. Yep she gained all her weight back, boy is mom gonna yell at daddy for letting that happen. Then there is me....I haven't been groomed in months!!! I sure don't know what my daddy is thinking but sister says I look like I have dreadlocks so she combs me out everyday. I think mommy won't be very happy about this either.
I did get to see her once at the gas station and I didn't even recognize her. She says she is on the divorce diet. Then I smelled her and started crying and about knocked her over. Now all I do is carry her stuff with me everywhere and stay with Ally and Ty. I don't have much use for my daddy anymore since he makes my girl cry. I really miss my mommy.
Say lots of prayers for all of us. We miss you. My mommy says she doesn't have internet but she goes to the library and will check it once a week.
From Willow who lives in the sad sad Compound with the rest of the sad compounders!